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We're sorry. This product is no longer available.

Illume Mercury Dot Candle

By Illume

With mirrorball thumbprints, this radiant jar is the perfect treasure chest for exotic scents.

  • 50 hour burn time
  • Natural wax
  • 5"H, 4.5"W
  • 10.9 oz
  • USA Twilight Vanilla:Delicate notes of dreamy vanilla and sweet coconut are perfectly blended with patchouli White Cedar & Citrus: bright tropical notes of tangerine and coconut meet subtle florals and sandalwood Thai Lily: an exotic citrus blend with a hint of musk and teak Spiced Amber: a rich, comforting combination of caramel, vanilla and patchouli Orange Sandalwood: fruity tropical notes strike a warm balance with earthy undertones
  • Style No. 25034075