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Flora & Fauna Framed Print

Digitally printed on handmade paper, the original artwork for this framed piece was dreamt up by one of our home designers, who was inspired by the lush, fantastically colorful gardens of Thailand.

  • Limited edition
  • Framed
  • Handmade paper, wood, glass, foam core
  • Blue butterflies: 13"H, 15"W
  • Butterflies: 14.75"H, 13.5"W
  • Two Flowers: 18.5"H, 14.5"W
  • Coral Flower: 15"H, 11.75"W
  • Caterpillars: 10"H, 12"W
  • Coral Flower: 15"H, 11.75"W
  • Caterpillar & Flower: 15"H, 14.25"W
  • Pink Snake: 13.5"H, 16.25"W
  • Yellow Snake: 18.5"H, 15.5"W
  • 2" projection
  • Imported
  • Style No. 30232607