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chapter 1

“He’s taught me the meaning of patience. I still don’t feel like I have enough.” For model and actress Amanda Booth (@amanda_booth), becoming a mother for the first time brought with it lots of learnings – some expected and some entirely unexpected. Her son, Micah, was diagnosed with Down syndrome a few months after he was born. Fast-forward three years and she is embracing her new normal with charm and humility and using Micah’s story to inspire others. “It’s so challenging, and that’s what makes it so rewarding,” she says.
Join us in celebrating the work of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.
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chapter 2

The spirit of sisterhood that permeates the Imrie family is enchanting. So transfixed are we with the lives they have managed to carve out for themselves on the Hawaiian island of Maui, we visited them to discover their views on motherhood. All three sisters – Tamsin, Caitlin, and Lola, plus their sister-in-law, Jess – take an active role in bringing up each other’s offspring. “We do it together and we balance each other’s parenting skills,” says eldest sister Tamsin. “The children all get to spend time together, and we get to live the kind of lives we always envisaged.”
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chapter 3

“As mothers, we are the managers,” laughs lingerie designer and model TyLynn Nguyen (@tylynnnguyen). “We’re constantly checking on everyone’s progress and managing emotions.” The mother of three certainly has her hands full, but is working hard to ensure each of her children – Lotus, 5, Czar, 2, and newborn boy, Hunter – feel connected to her, despite the daily juggle. “Motherhood has made me realize I’m capable of everything I put my mind to,” says TyLynn. “It’s not completion – it’s an add-on to being a person. It’s this beautiful responsibility.”
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