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Gifts for $100 or More

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Jeté Lillipop Avoca

$142.40 $178.00 Durée limitée

Jeté Open Market

$118.40 $148.00 Top Rated | Durée limitée

Collaged Majida Throw Blanket

$118.40 $148.00 Top Rated | Durée limitée

Jeté tissé Darrah

$118.40 $148.00 Durée limitée

Jeté Sarita

$158.40 $198.00 Durée limitée

Jeté Avoca April

$142.40 $178.00 Durée limitée

Jeté grillagé à glands

$102.40 $128.00 Durée limitée

Jeté à carreaux Avoca

$142.40 $178.00 Durée limitée

Gifts Over $100

This specially curated collection is for the friends, family and significant others who mean the world to you. These unique gifts will last a lifetime. Dare to gift outside the box and choose something other than jewelry this holiday season. Pick something that shows you truly know who they are, and know what they'd love. Find these one-of-a-kind gifts for once-in-a-lifetime people.