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Perfumes & Fragrances

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Women's Perfumes & Fragrances in Enticing Scents

At Anthropologie, we understand that choosing a perfume is a personal experience for beauty lovers. It's why we offer a wide selection of women's fragrances in some of our most beloved scents. Smoky, floral, fruity, or woodsy, our women's perfumes are waiting to become your signature scent. Looking to try before you buy? Simply stop by our stores for a sample or a spritz.

Vintage and Modern Perfumes for Women

We're always inspired by vintage, unique, and ethereal perfumes. If you ask us, the more uncommon a fragrance, the more delightful its effect. Our vintage-inspired perfumes and unique perfumes are subtle yet memorable, light yet luxurious. Best of all? They come in refined, ornate, and decorative bottles you'll love to display on your bedroom dresser for years to come.