Heaven-Scent: Winter Candles Guide

It’s no secret that we appreciate a good candle here at Anthropologie. And when winter candles start to populate our shelves, well, that’s when we start to get excited.


Our latest flames? A host of seasonal, love-at-first-light creations. Drawing on a library of wintery scents, and the expertise of our Senior Home Buyer, Zoe Hodson, we’ve curated a room-by-room guide to this season’s best winter candles: one for the living room, one to fill your home with the smell of Christmas, one for the fireside and one to freshen up the bathroom.


The Scent: Frosted Evergreen Gaia Candle

Position: Near your tree

“One for those who love the smell of a real Christmas tree, this candle combines the scent of fir needle, bright evergreen, and ambered cedar, with winter berries, pine, balsam, and little hints of orange and cinnamon. It’s a very woodsy blend, so it’s best burnt near your faux fir—or next to your real tree for double the Christmas spirit.’’


The Scent: Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candle

Position: In the guest bathroom

“I always build candles into my plans for refreshing my home for hosting season, and the Capri Blue Mercury Candle will be in my guest bathroom. Notes of tropical fruits—sugared oranges, lemons, and limes—lifted with exotic mountain greens are super fresh and perfect for this room.’’


The Scent: Caramelised Crème Brûlée Gaia Candle

Position: On your mantelpiece

“Heavy notes of cream, black vanilla beans, and vanilla sugar spiked with caramelised bourbon and nutmeg make this spicy winter candle is perfect beside an open fire, with a mug of mulled wine in hand. I’d place it on a mantelpiece or by a fire pit at outdoor gatherings—the vessel is going to cast a beautiful golden glow too.”


The Scent: Birch & Leather Soy Candle

Position: In your living room

“This candle makes me feel like I’m curled up in a log cabin beside a roaring fire on a frosty evening. The Birch & Leather Gaia Candle’s comforting blend of wood smoke, tobacco, patchouli, leather, and amber—stabilised by a mix of geranium, cedar, vetiver, and oakmoss—is so warm on the senses. The packaging is beautiful too; it’s like a festive decoration in its own right.’’

Fellow candle enthusiasts, find your new flames here.