A Glassware Guide: Sipping Made Simple

Relaxing after a long day in the office, raising a celebratory toast, catching up with friends—whatever your reason for sipping, there’s something that makes the moment feel all the more refined when you’re doing so from beautiful a beautiful glass.

Glasses to serve cocktails and wine

The refining process goes beyond the aesthetics of the glass you choose—each one is uniquely crafted to enhance the flavours of your chosen drink.

So before you serve up your next summer sangria or try your hand at a Negroni, take a look at our simple guide to sipping. Expect an array of engraved wine glasses, toast-worthy tumblers, and a curation of moreish recipes too.

Champagne flute glasses

Glass: The Flute.

Best for: Sips of the bubbly variety.

Top it up with: Good old fashioned Champagne or a brunch-ready mimosa.


Glass: The Tumbler.

Best for: Cocktails that require muddling. The thick bottom of these glasses can withstand pressure.

Top it up with: A Peppered Rose Cocktail, Bloody Mary or a Sloe Gin Negroni


Glass: The Goblet

Best for: Drinks that you sip slowly. Who doesn’t want to look at something extra-ornate for the duration?

Top it up with: A Blueberry Hibiscus Mojito, High Fashioned or a Summer’s Salt.

Wine glasses

Glass: White & Red Wine.

Best for: Hybrid recipes that need a good multi-tasking vessel.

Top it up with: A Borage Pansy Cocktail.