Mother’s Day: The Story Behind The Heirlooms

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’re feeling all sentimental about the main ladies in our lives. This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the most treasured heirlooms, big and small, that you’ve inherited from mums, grandparents and maternal influences beyond.

We asked our head office crew to share the stories behind their most cherished trinkets, plus show us the timeless pieces they’ll be gifting on Mothering Sunday, hoping they’ll be passed down generation after generation.

Mother's Day Heirloom Gifts

Giedre G. – Head of marketing

“The cover inside the book reads “To my dearest cousin Mary, 1865”. Nobody in the family knows who Mary is as it was a long time ago, but her memory lives on on my book shelf.

Owning a piece of her life makes me feel a part of this secret family that stretches back for centuries.

The doll belonged to my Mother-In-Law. It reminded her of how lucky she felt she had been, having children when the doctors had said she never would—she said that the moment she was told she was pregnant for the first time, it felt like she was walking on air.

All this would pop into her head each morning when she spotted it on her dressing table while she did her makeup. Starting the day with something happy in her heart.”

Baltic Journal

“I think a suede journal is a lovely gift—I’d love to receive it anyway!

I’d write a little note for my future children & grandchildren, and tuck it away to be discovered in a dusty loft one day.”

Mother's Day Heirloom Gifts

Luella L. – Head of creative

“I come from a long line of hoarders, so these items have been inherited from parents, grandparents and great grandparents. The handmade ones are most special.

The monkey was handmade for my grandmother when she was a child and most of the pictures are of her adventures growing up in Europe. She was fortunate enough to see the world and as a result spoke six languages.

The shoes are from a doll that was made for my great grandmother, Luella Sayman, who I was named after.

I’m doing my best to preserve these items so they can be handed down to the next generation, my two little girls.”

Arbour Perch Candelabra

“I’d love to gift (or receive, hint hint) this candelabra. It’s so beautiful and reminds me of my grandmother’s style. She loved to socialise and host dinner parties; her table settings were always layered with gorgeous linens and fun objects.

I suppose I have followed in the family footsteps as I host thanksgiving every year at my home with a table for 40…I’m going to need more candlesticks!”

Mother's Day Heirloom Gifts

Megan H. – Art Director

“I adore my family and we are very close—having an entire Atlantic ocean and then some between us means I miss them terribly!

Whenever I visit I raid their homes looking for treasures (often passed down for a generation or two already) that I can use in my day to day to keep them close.

It often means that I don’t know where they’ve all originated from, but knowing they’ve been passed down my family lineage is enough for me.”

Yarrow Mortar & Pestle

“This year, I’ll be giving my mum a gorgeous marble mortar and pestle.

We’re a foodie family that believes in showing love and appreciation through cooking. It’s practical, and will look better and better with age and use.”

Mother's Day Heirloom Gifts

Nicola R. – Graphic Designer

“My nana has never been one to throw things away; a trait that I seem to have inherited.

Over the years I have amassed a collection of all sorts from her, some beautiful, some strange, all with a story about who and where they’re from.

I love wearing this locket knowing that my great nana once had. The silk bed jacket was also hers—it’s too fragile to wear but I like to have it on display rather than putting away in a box for no one to appreciate.

I hate the thought of all these nuggets of history being forgotten about!”

Gia Hoope Earrings

“I’m going to gift jewellery this year—something classic, timeless and wearable like these gold hoop earrings.

I hope they’ll be treasure for another granddaughter to discover one day.”

Mother's Day Heirloom Gifts

Ellie S.—Assistant Buyer

“These matchboxes are vintage, but they’re new heirlooms to my family. I bought them when the person collecting them was going to throw them away.

There are hundreds that have been collected from all over the world and each one has a different character and story to tell.

I like that I’ve got little bits of the globe and that I’m keeping the original collector’s childhood dream alive by continuing the collection. Hopefully, I’ll pass it down to my own children one day.”

Catherine Weitzman Bluebell Necklace

“This Mother’s Day, I’ll be gifting a necklace from the Catherine Weitzman collection.

They’re the perfect heirloom—beautiful and unusual, yet they have a simple and timeless feel. I can imagine them still being worn in years to come.”

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