Meet the Maker: Shelley Steer

Take a glance at our windows, a peek at our homewares or peruse our fashion favourites and you’ll soon pick up a not-so-subtle theme: we’re obsessed with everything flora and fauna.

Our latest collaboration with illustrator Shelley Steer pays testimony to this fixation, bringing vibrant colour, wild foliage and hide-and-seek critters to the Modern Wilderness print.

We were keen to know more about this print (even more so since it’s decorating our latest tote bag), and the woman who dreamt it into existence.

Press play and slip into Shelley’s studio, before learning more about her rise and rise to coveted artist in our Q&A.

 Have you always been the creative type?

Growing up I was always pretty creative—making things and experimenting with fabric—so a natural step for me was to study textile design at University. At that point I really didn’t enjoy drawing! I loved taking photos and mark making but drawing was something that I hadn’t quite mastered yet.

As I grew older it became more and more important to me to be able to express colour and express what I was finding inspirational.

So you moved on to illustration…

It was about a year ago that I really felt like illustration was really becoming my thing and I started focusing more and more on my skill set and just drawing and painting as much as I could.

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Wildlife and the outdoors seem to play a big role in your illustrations…

Growing up I spent a fair bit of time outdoors and in country Victoria, Australia. More and more I’ve grown to appreciate and understand nature and how it changes, grows and dies off with the seasons. You can always find an authentic source of inspiration with it.

While you’ve been based in London, where have you found your inspiration?

In London surrounded by so many buildings and so many people you find a new level of appreciation for the little pockets of green that you find and the areas where nature is in abundance.

If I see a plant or a flower that is really inspiring or a colour that sparks off some idea it’s like a fresh new page and I feel like I can create anything that I want.

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What did you enjoy most about your collaboration with us?

When I was first approached to work with Anthropologie I was really excited because I feel like they have some similar interests in colour and plants and botanicals that I have and it was a great fit to produce something really special and beautiful.

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