Meet The Maker: Michelle Morin

From garden designer to tableware painter, Michelle Morin abides by one failsafe rule: paint what you know. Each of her compositions are inspired by nature, whether that’s the wildlife thriving in her New England back garden or the flora and fauna she stumbles across during leisurely walks. Join us as the creative maestro behind out Botanical Burst collection gives her a glimpse into her home and studio.

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“Happiness was moving into our new home – it’s beautiful. I’ve slowly become acquainted with the flora and fauna living in our backyard.”


“My work space is on the third floor of our house. It is very quiet and filled with afternoon light. There is a large birch tree outside my window, which makes the space feel like a tree-house.”


“I found this drafting table from the 50’s on the side of the road.”


“It’s important to have a really good sable brush. They are worth every penny.”


“I’ve carved out a space in our barn for pottery it’s a nice change of pace.”


“Being out in the field, gathering references, making quick sketches, observing—these are the most rewarding moments of design.”

Photos by Jesse and Allison Stansfield