Life Imitates Art: Maria Herreros

Meet Maria: Illustrator, painter, partner, mother. Studier of people. Capturer of the female form. Gender rule challenger. The artist behind the mural in our Barcelona store.

Trained at San Carlos Fine Arts University, Maria creates unique portraits that have been exhibited from Beijing to New York. Fascinated by the female form, bending beauty norms, breaking gender rules and exposing the strength in women, Maria’s artwork is perfectly imperfect. 

From the early days of graphite zines to becoming a parent, here Maria takes us through her artistic journey, painting by painting.

“I started making fanzines and I still think about how much I enjoyed them. I was serious about my zines and treated them like real projects. It really was the best way to learn.”

“My first book felt like such a huge opportunity – I was feeling super anxious. I wasn’t ready, but I learnt to be brave.”

“This was my first book cover, and it got rejected for political reasons. I learnt to keep on fighting and forgiving myself when I needed to let go.”

“This is from my first international solo show, Botanical Rage. It was about women struggles with beauty and youth.”

“This Angelina Jolie portrait is from my book about Hollywood, Marilyn Had Eleven Toes. I loved how the hands are big and strong. I started paying attention to women’s hand strength and I’m developing a project about it now.”

“After my academic years in Fine Arts, I started working as an illustrator. For many years, I was only drawing, but I wanted to paint again. It was scary, and this was one of the first re-encounter with paint.”

“This portrait of Pulitzer winner Paula Vogel made me realise some important concepts on my current direction. Letting go of whatever society is telling you should look like as a woman, to be yourself. Not to be defined by your looks and to cultivate your brain, kindness and creativity.”

“This is the cover of my last book Paris sera toujours Paris with writer Maxim Huerta. I illustrated this book at the same time I started raising my—now one year old—baby and it was hard but beautiful.”