Marbling & Taking ‘A Moment’ with Patternity

Our King’s Road store recently played host to some very colourful guests. We invited co-founders of ‘cult pattern organisation’ PATTERNITY, Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham, over to ours for an inspiring evening celebrating the positive power of gratitude in modern life – and a spot of pattern play.

A well as teaching us how to design our own daily rituals of reflection and appreciation to find more well-being in the everyday, the PATTERNITY girls also showed us how to ‘marble’. Relaxing, enjoyable and very pretty, we learnt how to perfect this beautiful, ancient craft in all its colourful glory.

Alongside all that inky swirling and twirling, we heard a little more from the girls on how pattern and taking a little time to be grateful can be mood-lifting and even life-changing.

Open your eyes

Renowned for their award-winning work with visual pattern and design, PATTERNITY’s unique insight into the power of pattern means that they see the beauty of it in even the most mundane or everyday moments. The key is to open your eyes and really take in the world around you. You’ll be surprised by what you can find inspiring.

From dappled bananas and turquoise stripy shutters to a cosmic constellation of bubbles that emerged in your glass overnight, inspirational everyday encounters really are everywhere. We just need to open our eyes to see them.

- PatternityBe grateful

PATTERNITY’s latest escapade has gone beyond the world of colour and pattern and has paused on gratitude. So simple, yet so underrated. Stop and take notice, dig deeper, ask more questions and take moments each day to appreciate the things, people, relationships and connections we have in our lives that often we overlook. If we do this, we should discover a more positive and purposeful way of living.

 Modern life can feel so overwhelming and we constantly feel like happiness is something ‘out there’, something we need to really strive for – but I’ve come to learn…that happiness is really (and so simply) about getting into the habit of being grateful. 

- Anna Murray, Patternity Co-Founder. Take a moment

What are you grateful for? PATTERNITY’s brand new book, Be Great, Be Grateful is a design-led gratitude journal that offers up all the tools you’ll need to discover a more meaningful, hopeful and happier way of living.

From gratitude logs, creative exercises, playful prompts, uplifting quotes and free-flow pages, this book will inspire, empower, and improve your happiness and wellbeing. Give it a go, what have you got to lose? In the meantime, if you need us, we’ll be marbling.

Feeling inspired? Pick up your own copy of PATTERNITY’S latest book, Be Great, be Grateful