London Design Festival: Make Your Own Floral Bell Jar

As serious fans of everything floral, our flower arranging skills are pretty polished. But, as with all things in life there’s always room for improvement.

Just ask Adolfo Ramos Alicart, our London Design Festival partner. He turned a love of blooms and years of experience in the visual arts into a career move, founding couture florists Tremulous Dew.

DIY Floral Bell Jar 1To help us celebrate London Design Festival, Adolfo has turned his green fingers to a Liberty for Anthropologie-inspired DIY—a bell jar bustling with busy blooms and bright hues.

Gather everything you’ll need and let Tremulous Dew show you how it’s done in 11 easy steps. Once made, use as your new dining table centrepiece or bedside table brightener.

DIY Floral Bell 2What you’ll need                                                                             

  • A glass dome with wooden base, 12.5x20cm
  • Small container around 4cm high.
  • A florist’s flower frog, 1.5 to 2.5 inches in diameter
  • Florist wire reel
  • Scissors
  • 1 stem of Spray Roses
  • 1 Hydrangea
  • 2 stems of Miniature Daisies
  • 1 stem of Cineraria Silver Dust
  • 1 small branch of Cotoneaster
  • 3 garden Anemones heads
  • 1 stem of Himalayan honeysuckle
  • 2 stems of Astrantia, 1 dark red & 1 pale green
  • 1 Snowberry stem

Tip:  Always give your flowers a good overnight drink by placing them in water before using them for any arrangement. They will last much longer this way.

DIY Floral Bell 3How it’s made

1. To begin, place your florist’s flower frog into the small container and fill the container with enough water to cover the frog’s pins. Place the container in the middle of the glass dome’s wooden base. The flower frog will hold even the most rebellious blooms firmly in place.

London Design Festival DIY Floral Bell 42. Next, cut three thin stems off the Cotoneaster branch, wire them together and secure them in the centre of the flower frog. Always make sure that the flower’s stems are slightly shorter than the height of the glass dome.

London Design Festival DIY Floral Bell 53. Cut three small leaves of Cineraria and place them at irregular angles, starting from the mouth of the container and working your way up to the top of the central Cotoneaster stem. Keep in mind that the length of the leaves must fit within the width of the glass dome.

4. Add two small cuts of Himalayan honeysuckle (after removing the flower’s leaves). Place them, as artfully as you can, drooping from the mouth of the container, resting on the wooden base of the dome.

London Design Festival DIY Floral Bell 65. Next, divide the Hydrangea head in two parts, trim and tightly wire them together to create two individual smaller Hydrangea heads. When ready, place them into the container (stabilising any awry ends with the flower frog) in the gaps in between the Himalayan honeysuckle.

London Design Festival DIY Floral Bell 76. Cut individual heads off the Spray Roses and arrange them at irregular angles starting from the top of the central stem (the crowning rose head should have at least a couple of buds around it) and continue placing them down towards the mouth of the container.

7. Cut individual heads of both shades of Astrantia and place them in the empty spaces left among the roses.

London Design Festival Floral Bell Jar DIY 98. Snip the Snowberries into smaller stems and place them among the Astrantia, filling any gaps still left at the bottom half of the arrangement.

London Design Festival Floral Bell Jar DIY 109. Introduce the three Anemone stems to bring the bell jar into full bloom.

London Design Festival Floral Bell Jar DIY 1110. Trim the daisies into smaller, individual stems– but be sure to keep them long enough so they’ll just touch the top of the dome for that almost-overgrown charm– and weave them into the arrangement, covering each side of the flower column from the top downwards.

DIY Floral Bell Jar 1211. Once you’re satisfied with your new blooms, cover the arrangement with the glass dome and the fairy-tale look is complete.