How to Create a Summer Bedroom Sanctuary

Spring is billed as the time to revamp the home, but for us, the bedroom doesn’t get our full attention until late summer.

While early summer’s bright mornings and long evenings have us springing out of bed at the crack of dawn, late summer’s shorter evenings and…ahem…social burnout has us sneaking off to bed a little earlier each night.

Another lady with restful slumber right at the top of her priority list is Anneli Bush.

bedroom decorating refreshing ideas Anneli Bush 4

As she quite rightly points out, the benefits of a good night’s sleep goes far beyond feeling as fresh as a daisy in the morning—it’s great for your skin, mental focus, mood and physical health.

Peer in on her personal quest for a sanctuary-style bedroom, perfect for inducing deep Zzzs, and pick up a few hints and tips along the way.

bedroom decorating refreshing ideas Anneli Bush 1

1. Focus on your bedroom’s purpose

“Your bedroom’s purpose is to ensure your body gets the rest it needs, so focus on creating a soothing ambiance and remove anything that disturbs this. I’ve waved goodbye to technology (no laptops in bed!) and fitness equipment.”

bedroom decorating refreshing ideas Anneli Bush 3

2. Choose bed linen carefully

“This is an area of contention, but I’m a firm believer that high quality, smooth cotton bed linen is the key to a good night’s sleep. Pattern and colour are a personal choice—I go for neutral’s and whites, adding pops of blue and grey.”


3. Use aromatic scents

“Lavendar and vanilla scents really help create an ambience that means you can relax and wind down. A candle’s a good natural light source too!”


4. Read & meditate

“This is your chance to disconnect from the day’s events and prepare your mind for sleep.”

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