The Peony Project: Make Your Own Paper Blooms

Bouquets may wilt, but these blooms will last forever. Flourishing in our fresh, new Düsseldorf store is a field of paper peonies.

Perfect for weddings, bridal showers or simply to bring the influence of spring’s beautiful blooms indoors, our new floral installation at Düsseldorf was made to make a lasting impression.

diy paper flowers 1
Crafted by our very own talented visual team, the peony project, as we’re calling it, permanently captures the beauty of our favourite spring blossoms in a single, crafty afternoon.

Here, we’ll walk you through how to make your own forever-blooms, one petal at a time…

diy paper flowers 4
What you’ll need

  • Plain card
  • Scissors
  • Plant sprayer (filled with water)
  • Acrylic ink (in whatever colours you desire)
  • Paintbrush
  • Plastic sheet (or a surface to paint on)
  • Glue gun

diy paper flowers 2
How it’s made

  1. To make one flower, cut three pieces of card in small, medium and large sizes of whatever petal shape you like!
  2. Lay your paper flowers onto the plastic sheet and spray lightly with water using your plant sprayer. Turn the flowers over and do the same on the back.
  3. Now, using your paintbrush flick, drip, and splash your preferred paint colours over the flowers.
  4. Give the flowers one more light spray with the plant sprayer to blend your colours and achieve a watercolour effect.
  5. Leave to dry.
  6. Fold each flower’s petal long ways and using your glue gun put a blob of glue in the centre of the large flower, place the medium one on top and then repeat with the small flower—so you are building your flower and fanning out the petals as you go.
  7. Leave to dry.
  8. Voila! You have one finished flower.

diy paper flowers 5Want to build your bouquet? Discover more about the art of paper flower-making with Flowersmith by Jennifer Tran or The Fine Art of Paper Flowers by Tiffanie Turner.