Jump For Joy: How to Make a DIY Christmas Jumper

Every year on the 15th of December, we Brits put on our best and most bizarre Christmas jumpers to raise money—and awareness—for Save the Children. However, if you’re not a bells, whistles, frills and baubles kind of gal, finding a festive jumper you can bear to wear can be a challenge. Enter Uzma Bozai, who is on hand to teach you how to create your own, festive-but-fashionable jumper, inspired by her own tastefully glittery, print-driven designs.

Whatever your festive flow, be it low-key Christmassy or extra glitz, find some time this evening to crack out the iron and rhinestones and try your hand at designing your own Christmas jumper under the direction of Uzma. And if in doubt, just add more glitter—or don’t. It’s the beauty of making your own, after all.


What you’ll need

  • Pencil, paper and sharp scissors
  • Bondaweb (Fabric Foil Adhesive (glue) can also be used but I have not used it in this jumper. You can find this online)
  • Textile foil of your choice
  • Rhinestone applicator
  • Rhinestones of your choice
  • Beads, sequins, iron on patches
  • A cotton sweatshirt or t-shirt


How it’s made

  1. Draw out your design—holly leaf, Christmas tree, reindeer, etcetera—onto paper and then trace onto the paper side of your Bondaweb. Cut out your shapes, being careful not to separate the Bondaweb layers.
  2. Iron your Bondaweb shapes onto your sweatshirt following the Bondaweb instructions. Once cool, peel off the paper layer to expose the glue (it’s only sticky when it’s hot) and cut out just enough foil to cover your shape. Place your foil shiny side up over the glued area and covering the foil with parchment paper, iron for 30-40 seconds, keeping the iron moving all the time.
  3. Once you have ironed foil onto all of your shapes, leave to cool completely and then gently peel away the excess foil, following the grain of the fabric will create the best effect.
  4. Add a bit of sparkle with rhinestones, beads, sequins or iron on patches.
  5. Embrace the festivities in your new, custom Christmas jumper!

No time for DIY? Find a festive jumper you can wear forever by Uzma Bozai here.