Make it Happen: DIY Christmas Wreath with The Real Flower Company

Few things look more welcoming over the Christmas period than a festively-adorned door, bustling with seasonal foliage and finished with a ribbon. The entranceway wreath plays an important role in holiday décor, it’s the first thing that guests (and Father Christmas) sees when they arrive at your home. This season, we asked the Real Flower Company for a little help in making one of our own. Read on for their step-by-step guide.


Traditionally, Christmas wreaths are made with evergreens to signify prosperity during the dark winter months. On the Real Flower Company’s sustainable English flower farm, their inspiration comes from what’s in season—with a little bit of Anthropologie sparkle woven in for good measure.


What you’ll need

  • Metal wreath ring
  • Moss
  • Your choice of decorations—you can use a mix of artificial and non-artificial decorations. In use here: faux foliage from Anthropologie, non-dried lavender, dried whole limes and lime wedges, pink peppercorns and pine cones
  • Reel wire
  • Wire cutters and scissors
  • Ribbon


How it’s done

1. You’ll need to use moss to create a natural base for your wreath. Attach the end of your wire to the base of the wreath, grab a generous handful of moss, compact it with your hands, place it on to the base and then wrap the wire around the moss to secure it to the base.

2. Leave the wire attached throughout. Continue to take generous clumps of moss and secure each section at a time by wrapping the wire around it. Cover both sides of your wreath ring. If you’re using fresh ingredients, damp moss is great for keeping fresh flowers and foliage looking their best.


3. Any decorations that don’t have stalks (pinecones, limes, etc.) will need a wire stalk. Wrap the wire round the base of your decoration to secure and then leave a 10–12cm stalk of wire.

4. Create bunches of mixed stems and decorations. As you place each bunch on the wreath, secure to the base by wrapping it with the wire that is still attached to the wreath base. You’ll want to wrap it round several times to make sure it’s secure before layering on the next bunch. All the bunches should face in the same direction but it works well to alternate between placing one bunch facing slightly inwards and one slightly outwards.

how to make a christmas wreath diy

5. Continue until you’ve filled the whole wreath. At the end you can fill in any gaps by poking a few extra stems in where needed to complete your design.

6. Finish with ribbon. We’ve arranged our ribbons to cover the stems at the base and added a ribbon loop at the top for hanging.


You can find out more about The Real Flower Company and discover their Christmas collection here.

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