A Cosy Tutorial: How to Layer Up Autumn’s Knits

Nature’s call to get cosy—we hear ya! And to be quite honest, we’re not too sad about the return of this perennial moment.

Sure, we love summertime but there’s something that feels extra-special about autumn. Snuggling by the fire, blankets piled high in the evenings, and when the time comes to venture outdoors, layering cosy knits on top of even cosier knits.

With an extensive knitwear collection to choose from and so many possible combinations—mittens or gloves? Beret or beanie?—we decided to craft a different layering system for every mood.

How To Layer Knitwear for Winter (3)

Mood: “I want bold colours—they’re what autumn’s all about, right? The brighter the better.”

Create the look: Draw inspiration from autumn’s constantly-evolving hues—think burnt orange, fiery reds and oh-so-cool blue.

How To Layer Knitwear for Winter (4)

Mood: “I want crisp neutrals, but I’m looking for a twist on the basics.”

Create the look: Pops of grey and geometric patterns stop a cream colour palette from becoming one-note.

How To Layer Knitwear for Winter (2)

Mood: “One type of yarn? That’s not enough. I want faux fur, fluffy jumpers…

Create the look: Look for contrasting textures on cuffs, hems and trimmings.