Anthro In Bloom: The Language of Flowers

Peonies for prosperity, roses for love and snapdragons for fascination—our key themes for this spring.

Over the last few months, at Anthropologie we’ve been plotting, cutting, dyeing and pinning away to create something beautiful—a stunning, floral forest for our first every Germany store in Düsseldorf!

We started with peonies, the bloom that is synonymous with spring, romance and prosperity. Teeny-tiny peonies weaving over and under the doors to our Düsseldorf store. Larger-than-life peonies peering out from our new window displays—you’ll find peonies in every corner.

But we didn’t stop there. After all, flowers are never just flowers. Whatever mood or sentiment we want to evoke, there’s a flower for that. If you go down to Düsseldorf today, here are some of the flowers you could find, and the sentiments we want to telegraph behind them.

Can you imagine a flower any more uplifting than the sunflower? Standing tall over the garden fence or soaking up the sun on the kitchen table, try to think of a bloom more brightening than the sunflower. You can’t do it. Representing feelings of adoration, admiration and long-lasting happiness, it’s no wonder why we wanted this little beacon of positivity in our new home.

Then there’s the rose. A rose means love, a rose means beauty. Intrigue. It lures you in—through the doors of Anthropologie Düsseldorf, with any luck. It is also arguably the most striking of flowers, the most famous and the most beloved of all blooms.

This tricksy little flower has complex symbolism. Possessing two meanings: fascination and concealment. Now, we’ve got the fascination part down, but the real reason we wanted this busy bloom recreated in store? The intricacy and volume of the snapdragon’s petals are absolutely gorgeous.

Discover more floral inspirations and creations in Rachael Ashwell’s debut book The Floral Affair.