Festival Folk: Wardrobe Essentials

Festivals. Ah what a packing conundrum they pose. Our personal shopper may have ticked off your on-the-day essentials already but what’s about your all-important festival outfits? Throw into the mix the ever-increasing types of festival and a girl can feel really bamboozled. Who better to get some advice from than three in-the-know festival aficionados. While Memoir Mode dresses for the classic music festival, Fifi Mcgee lends her advice on putting your best foot forward with the art collective, and Wild & Grizzly prepares to tuck in at a foodie gathering.

  • Wild & Grizzly

  • “When I came across this stylish denim playsuit from Anthropologie I knew it would be perfect for any weather.”

  • “When spending the weekend in a field, this Level 99 Chambray Playsuit can be teamed with wellies to keep you dry or flip flops for that sun kissed look.”

  • Memoir Mode

  • “I always think chambray, denim and thick cotton are the best types of fabric to wear to a festival – breathable and durable.”

  • “These sandals are perfect for when the ground is dry and firm.”

  • Fifi Mcgee

  • “When the heat hit the high 20s this beautiful kimono kept me as cool as a cucumber and prevented sunburn.”