All That Glitters: DIY Christmas Decorations

Have you put up your Christmas tree? Today’s the 1st December, so if it’s not up yet, it should be! But before you rush to drag that box of decs down from the attic, or adorn every branch with bows and baubles, consider taking the time to add some magical, handcrafted touches to your fir tree—think glitter, feathers and gold.

Using foliage you’ll find in your own back garden, metallic paint, wire and a sprinkling of glitter for good measure, take cover from the cold this weekend to craft some beautiful and simple DIY Christmas decorations with interior stylist Emily Henson:

diy christmas decorations what you'll need‘’I’ve always enjoyed adding a touch of the handmade to my Christmas decorating, preferring a customised approach rather than an entirely store-bought look. It’s a lovely personal way to update and refresh your collection of tree ornaments.

‘’Usually I buy a few new tree ornaments every year, mix them in with an edited-down version of my old collection and add a sprinkle of magic with a few handmade pieces.’’

diy christmas decorations glitter seedpodWhat you’ll need

  • A collection of dried leaves, pinecones, seed pods, feathers (you can buy these from a wholesale flower market and online. Or, even better, pick them from your own back garden. Just make sure they are all completely dry)
  • Metallic tempera paints
  • Glitter (gold, copper, silver, white or any that works with your colour scheme)
  • Paint brush
  • Wire (copper, silver or gold looks pretty, but a dark green wire will blend into your tree if you’d rather it be unseen)
  • Scissors

diy christmas decorations glitter featherHow it’s made

  1. Brush your metallic paint anywhere you want your glitter to stick. On feathers, you could do the lower half, just the tips, or even polka dots. For pinecones, leaves, seedpods, the same rule applies. Get creative and experiment with different levels of coverage. Make sure you move onto step 2 before your paint dries.
  2. Hold your pinecone, feather or seedpod over a plate of glitter and with a spoon, sprinkle the glitter onto the painted areas. Tap off the excess gently over the plate (this prevents waste since you can use it again if it didn’t stick the first time). Repeat until you’re satisfied with each piece.
  3. Once they have dried, attach a piece of wire (approximately 25cm long) to each ornament, creating a loop to hang on the tree. The technique will differ depending on the piece. For feathers, you can wrap the wire tightly around the quill; for seedpods and leaves, wrap carefully around the stem, twisting the wire to form a more secure grip. For pinecones, tuck the wire under a few of the scales and wrap around as much of the circumference of the pinecone as you need in order to make it secure. Twist the two ends of the wire together to form a loop.
  4. Hang on your tree at even intervals, interspersing your lovely DIY Christmas decorations with new and old ornaments from your collection. Placed close to your tree lights, the glitter will catch the light and add festive sparkle and charm to your tree.

diy christmas decorations hanging Find everything you need to deck your halls here.

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Images by Yolanda Chiaramello @yolandachiaramello