How To: Create a DIY Valentine’s Day Card

In a digital age, receiving something handmade through the letter box seems more special than ever—especially on the most romantic day of the year. This week at our Regent Street store, stationers Papier and cutting-edge illustrator and papercut artist, Poppy Chancellor, of Poppy’s Papercuts, showed us how to create our own bespoke, love-themed cut-out card—just in time for Valentine’s Day.

DIY Valentine's Card 1Imaginative, intricate and often (charmingly) cheeky, Poppy’s designs feature everything from romantic songbirds and red hearts, to daring pin-up girls and bare derrières. Take inspiration from her website, and find a ready-made template in her new book Cut It Out! or draw up your own design for your nearest and dearest.

DIY Valentine's Card 2Now assemble your stationery, sharpen your scalpels and let master-cutter Poppy show you how to create your own DIY Valentine’s card.

What you’ll need

  • Scalpel
  • Paper in a colour of your choice
  • Cutting mat

How it’s made

1. Work from a design. If you’re not an expert illustrator yourself, you can download a papercutting template. I have lots to choose from in my workshops and 30 available in my new book ‘Cut it out!’

DIY Valentine's Card 32. Practice using your scalpel on a spare sheet of paper. Press nice and hard and cut slowly. Let your lines overlap slightly so the pieces fall out cleanly.

DIY Valentine's Card 43. Cut the smallest parts of detail first and work outwards. The outline should be the last part that you cut.

DIY Valentine's Card 54. Mount your final papercut onto card or place into a frame to present as a gift, or to keep!

DIY Valentine's Card 6Find more sweet somethings for you and yours at our Valentine’s Gift shop.

Top two images by Toby Lewis Thomas, courtesy of The Fold by Papier. Head over to the lovely Papier blog to read an interview with Poppy.