Anthropologie in Bloom: The Chelsea Flower Show

Our King’s Road store is but a stone’s throw away from The Chelsea Flower Show, a yearly extravaganza of the most breath-taking floral displays. Combine endless inspiration tucked just around the corner with an ever-green passion for petals, and our latest King’s Road display was born.

This display’s focus? Desert blooms. Cacti, succulents, aloes—we’ve always been a little obsessed with their contrasting medley of bright and spiky and round and cool forms. Besides, anything that produces such beautiful foliage from arid land deserves our attention.

Press play and meander through our hand-crafted paper desert, made up of 2,500 flowers, 750 succulents, 400 leaves and 1,500 cacti pieces, before taking a closer look at their delicate petals.