Colour Spectrum: Autumn’s Must-Wear Shades

Autumn’s display of colour is impossible to ignore. Grassy greens give way to emeralds, trees sprout fiery red canopies and blooms of the plum persuasion spring to life.

If like us you find this colour explosion infectious, then we’ve got just the thing—a curation of new clothing that swirls right across the autumn colour spectrum.

From crisp but cosy whites to deep and moody reds, our personal stylist Gemma F. talks through the season’s must-wear shades.

October Colour Red

“Autumn’s burst of colour is unique—all of summer’s shades deepen, meld together and something completely new emerges.

My favourite combination happens when red starts to blend with purple. The result is so warm—aubergine, plum, wine—and the possibilities are endless.”

October Colour Green

“Winter’s shades of green lean towards the blue end of the spectrum. Draw inspiration straight from the deepest parts of the forest with dark evergreen tones. Flashes of emerald brighten the whole palette.”

October Colour Metallic

“Whites lose summer’s crispness and become far cosier. Hints of pebble and subtle grey undertones all come into play.

Treat metallics as part of this colour family and autumnal whites really start to feel special.”