Store Tour: Welcome, Anthropologie Brent Cross

When our new store in Brent Cross, London opened we were excited to slip behind its doors.

‘Why so excited?’ you ask. We were promised corners bristling with Christmas table setting inspiration, festive party ranges and cosy home assortments like no other. Ladies and gentleman, we were not disappointed.

Until you can visit in person, take this step-by-step tour.


Through the window: Frosting frames a seasonal feast scene.


Gold, gilded and glistening: From cocktail hour essentials to a table set for feasting, there’s hosting inspiration in every nook and corner.


Take a seat: Find respite in cosy displays, layered up with throws, stacked high with pillows and surrounded by candles.


Cocktail hour: Our new store is full of hints and tips for the hostess, including this egg nog recipe, borrowed from our friends across the pond.


Winter in bloom: Frost tipped petals make displays all the prettier.


Pop by: Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London, NW4 3FP