An Easter Treat: Make-Your-Own Mimosa Bar

If you’ve outgrown the traditional Easter egg hunt (sigh), don’t fret. We’ve got the perfect sweet treat for you to try that’s just as much fun! Gather your troops and whip up a batch of these colourful, make-your-own mimosas; we think they’re the perfect addition to your festive brunch on Easter morning. Trust us…

Easter Mimosa

What you’ll need

  • Champagne
  • Fresh orange juice
  • Papaya juice
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Mixed berries (to use as a garnish)

How it’s made

  • To start, mix together the usual suspects; champagne and orange juice (make sure the orange juice is freshly squeezed for that extra zing!)
  • Then, pick your special guest juices (papaya and pomegranate, you’re up!) and add a dash to your champagne and orange juice mix,
  • Finish by topping with fresh berries as a garnish (it’s a holiday, after all). Raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are our favourite!

Serve in a tall glass to complete your colourful and elegant Easter tipple. Cheers!

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