Meet The Titans: Alternatives To The Gladiator

The evenings are gradually getting lighter and is it us, or does the sun seem to be shining a tiny bit brighter? This can only mean one thing: spring is just around the corner.

Mother Nature’s turn of season brings with it all kinds of delights but the one our boot-clad feet are the most looking forward to is the switch to sandals. We’re talking peep toes and straps, towering heels, comfy flats and everything in between.

Now, your mind may start wandering towards the gladiator sandal, but hold it there! We’ve got a cat to throw amongst the pigeons, aka gorgeous sandals from our new shoe collection. Meet the gladiator’s new challengers.

Anthropologie Gladiator Sandals

A wedge heel offers unbeatable comfort. Play with texture such as raffia against tan leather or cork against suede.

Anthropologie Footwear

A pin-lengthening heel feature on your sandal of choice? Try a wooden block heel for a powerful update. Ankle ties and oversized straps mean these variations retain all the playfulness of the gladiator.

Anthropologie Gladiator Sandals

And then there’s the classic flat, elevated on flatform soles. Add double buckle fastenings and snake print leather to tick both the function and beauty boxes.

Ready your pedi! Our new-season shoe collection is waiting, just over here.