Fleur's Hydrangea Dress

49.95 was(168) USD
blue motif
  • By Nadinoo
  • Removable belt
  • Button front
  • Cotton barkcloth
  • Machine wash
  • 36"L
  • Imported
Style #:26191387 A Made In Kind design.

Nadia Izruna started her label Nadinoo - also Izruna's childhood nickname - in 2009, with the final paycheck from her high-profile fashion-industry job. Cut to three years and three fashion muses later, with Izruna designing for the fictional characters of Pixie (the adventurous tomboy), Lula (the girlish flirt) and Fleur (the romantic dreamer), each with her own distinct way of dressing. This cocoon-style mini dress is covered in Fleur's signature floral print and belted in a unique way - it wraps your waist from the inside, and then emerges to buckle at the front.
Fleur's Hydrangea Dress
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