Alexia Lixfeld Eau De Parfum

7.95 was(103) USD
  • Key ingredients: alcohol, water, perfume
  • 1.01 oz
  • Germany
001: elegant and comforting, the elements of lily of the valley and jasmine mingle with light herbs and refreshing white tea, as a musk accord lends depth (FLORAL)
002: woody ingredients like sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and vetiver with warm accords of fir, tonka bean and vanilla, topped with a hint of jasmine and carrot seed oil (SPICE)
003: an exotic blend of fougere perfume with bergamot, rosemary and woody, oriental accords of patchouli, pepper and notes of vanilla and cinnamon (FRESH)
004: the zest of a bitter orange from Africa and a sweet orange from Italy, a heart of Tunisian orange blossom absolute and floral jasmine, rounded by vanilla and a drop of honey (FRESH)

Style #:21102025 Designer, consultant and former model Alexa Lixfeld presents this collection of elegant, of-the-moment scents. Packaged in clear glass flagons topped with cool, concrete lids in shades of grey. Alexia Lixfeld Eau De Parfum

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