Kendall Cafe Table

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Rated 4 out of 5 by lovely design, poor finish We received this cocktail table from our wedding registry, which was a wonderful surprise. We put it up to show our aesthetic, not expecting anyone to splurge so greatly on us! That said, we love the table, but it arrived slightly damaged. The powder coated top is not so; it looks to have just been spray painted or, if it was powder-coated, which I doubt, it was done so as thinly as possible. The top was scratched and had some residue from a sticker or tape. I attempted to remove the sticky, but in doing so, it clouded the finish (another reason I think it's just painted). Powder-coating is an electrostatic process, and if not cured properly, will not be durable. So, this is either simply spray paint, or poor powder-coating. Regardless of which it is, we will have to re-coat the surface. Luckily we are DIY'ers and will cover it with an enamel surface to better durability. Also, the thin tabletop is welded to the stem, but the weld points show as little bumps and divets in the tabletop. The legs however are screwed/cold-joined. It would have made much more sense to make this piece in two parts, with the tabletop being cold-joined (w/hardware) to the stem and the legs welded. Overall, we love the aesthetic design of this piece, but some of the poor construction implementation makes me doubt it's price tag, but don't tell my new aunt-in-law. Once we help this little table, it'll serve our breakfast nook needs so well, until then, it's a heavy thing taking up space and another item on our task list. July 9, 2012
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BLACK Style #:23168248 Turn the crank of this iron table to adjust the height of the wide, powder-coated top. The base is coated with a rustic, antique finish; it will continue to age, gathering rust and character throughout the years. Kendall Cafe Table