Vintage Books Boxed Set, Fashion

999.95 was(2000) USD
  • Set of five vintage books in a custom-made Baltic birch plywood case
  • 15"H, 12"W, 7.5"D
  • 1242 pages total
  • USA
Style #:23744972 A one-of-a-kind set in a custom-made case, curated by Kinsey Marable, who left his job as an investment banker to deal with a more exotic commodity: rare and out-of-print books. His passion to create distinctive libraries led him to select these books; the mahogany-stained Baltic birch bookshelf is custom built for the custom collection. The set includes Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years by Hamish Bowles, Arthur M. Schlesinger and Rachael Lambert Mellon (2001), Shocking Life by Elsa Schiaparelli (1954), Happy Times by Brendan Gill and Jerome Zerbe (1973), Woman in the Mirror by Richard Avedon and Anne Hollander (2005) and Cecil Beaton: A Retrospective by David Mellor and Cecil Beaton (1986). Vintage Books Boxed Set, Fashion
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