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Etched Arcadia Mural

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 10 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Can't get enough... Oh how I love this mural! I have now used it in three different homes and I just can't get enough! We built a frame around it in a living room in one of the homes - no one can believe it's not a work of art! Depending on the size of your space, my one suggestion is to measure carefully and pick your favorite part of the mural to showcase! June 30, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by a risk that paid off! I fell in love with this mural the second I saw it on one of the design blogs I follow, and I immediately knew it would be the perfect way to make a statement in my guest room. Once it arrived, I was a bit nervous about installing it (having never hung any kind of wallpaper before), but the Sure Strip backing really does make it doable for amateurs. I am thrilled with the way it turned out, and I thought I would share some tips for my fellow DIYers out there: 1) Do not try to do this alone--the panels are long and can be unwieldy. Two sets of hands required! A step stool or ladder may also be necessary, and be warned--you will get glue on yourself, in your hair, pretty much everywhere (it is washable, though). 2) Fill a tray with water, place it next to your wall, and use this to wet the panels. Once the panels are wet, the glue will drip, so you want to minimize the distance you need to carry the wet panels. Hold the panel up above the tray and let the excess water drip off a bit before hanging it on the wall. 3) Use a drop cloth or some old rags to cover the floor where you are hanging the panels, and wipe up any glue drips before moving on to the next panel. 4) You do not necessarily have to hang panel #1 first. We started with panel #7 (using a plumb line that we drew on the wall) and worked our way to the left, finishing with panels #1 and #8, as they were in corners and needed to be trimmed. 5) After you hang the first panel, take the next panel (DRY) up to the wall and figure out how the designs on the two panels line up. This is my most important tip BY FAR, as we rushed and did not line our first two panels up perfectly. Pick a feature like a branch or a large white area within a cloud that will be easy to pick out once you wet the panel and go to line it up with the one that is already on the wall. Repeat this step for every single panel! (Thankfully the overall design of the mural is pretty forgiving, so even if you don't get the alignment 100% right, it won't be terribly obvious.) 6) The paper is thick and strong and the adhesive is forgiving, so do not be afraid to re-position a panel (within maybe the first minute or two that it is on the wall), and use that smoothing brush or sponge to really work out any air bubbles. We were nervous with the first panel, but you have more time than you think and the paper is stronger than you think, so take your time working out those little imperfections or they will bother you later! That's about it! We used all 8 panels and it took the two of us about 5 hours to complete. I am so glad we just went for, it was worth the risk! May 10, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Very "trippy" Because it is based on an "etching," the mural is way more abstract than we anticipated. If you are standing less than a few feet away, it's difficult to discern what it is an image of. I've even read a review somewhere indicating it gave the reviewer "motion sickness." I believe it. Unfortunately, even though I had two, patient friends (one of which s a professional artist) apply it, the print has an obvious flaw running up the center. Parts of the two panels match, but the middle section of the same two panels is just slightly "off." It appears there was a mistake in printing - which I don't think is acceptable for the price of the item. It's such a pain to apply, we didn't contact Anthropologie to complain because we aren't interested in starting over. Overall, it's okay, but not great. January 17, 2015
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GREY MOTIF Style #:23766900 Towering trees and an endless sky cover your wall in graphite-hued forestry. An Anthropologie exclusive by Over & Over. Etched Arcadia Mural