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Seed Bombs

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herbs Toss these gumball-sized seed-and-soil pods out into your garden - no need to even dig a hole - and they'll eventually bombard your yard with a bee, butterfly and bird-friendly wildflower mixture specific to the United States region of your choice. By Cincinnati design studio VisuaLingual. West Coast: includes cornflower, Shasta daisy, farewell-to-spring, garland chrysanthemum, Sweet William, mountain phlox and California poppy
East Coast: includes baby blue eyes, baby's breath, blue flax, dame's rocket, black eyed Susan, gloriosa daisy and coreopsis
Mid-West: includes forget-me-not, prairie aster, wild larkspur, purple coneflower and rose mallow
Dog & Cat Friendly: includes catnip, wheat, oats and rye
Herbs: includes, basil, dill, cilantro, chives and parsley
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Style #:073025 Seed Bombs