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KOBO Seed Paper Candle

Wild Tomato Vine Wild Tomato Vine: an herbaceous blend of clover and juicy tomatoes fresh from the vine
Thyme: a classic herb base hinted with subtle notes of sweet citrus and sage
Sweet Sunflower: a warm blend of green melon, crisp apple and fresh lemon
Fresh Cut Grass: a crisp and dewy fragrance of just-clipped sweet grass

Style #:27339308 Fascinated by the unforgettable aromas that tend to linger alongside happy memories, Junko Kobori created KOBO in 2006 after taking up residence in Saratoga Springs with her husband. Each hand-poured candle is infused with a unique, transcending scent that burns clean with a cotton wick. Plant the seed-infused box in fresh soil after opening to grow Brandywine tomatoes, garden thyme and timothy grass. KOBO Seed Paper Candle