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Two Dogs By Molly Hatch

6000 USD
  • One of a kind
  • Ceramic, paint
  • 60"H, 50"W
  • USA
Style #:25662628

Molly Hatch is an artist-of-all-trades who creates everything from furniture to jewelry to pen-and-ink drawings, but we especially love her idiosyncratic ceramics. With an MFA in the medium and several ceramic residences under her belt, her craft is finely honed, her designs whimsically literal and pop-culturally on-point, like this plate painting. Using a high-resolution image of Isaac de Moucheron's "Landscape with Two Dogs," an engraving from 1740, Hatch uses twenty-four plates as both canvases and sculptural objects, pushing the viewer's eye back and forth between the landscape printed upon them and the spaces between them.

Two Dogs By Molly Hatch
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