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Mottled Morning Hoops

ASSORTED A cluster of quartz and citrine reminiscent of crisp morning dew delicately hangs from a thin golden orb. By Nashelle. Style #:20715462 Heather Beeson-Straw, founder and owner of Nashelle, dreamed of becoming a shoe designer or a dressmaker. However, after studying jewelry metal arts in college, she found that jewelry making - the simplicity of combining metal and stone - was her passion. After launching Nashelle from her living room, Beeson-Straw now oversees a team of 23 designers who take pride in using recycled 14k gold fill and recycled sterling silver in their modern-yet-timeless creations. Nashelle jewelry is made in the USA; it is never outsourced or mass-produced, nor will it ever be. Mottled Morning Hoops