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Lostmarc'h Eau De Toilette

85 USD
ael mat
  • Key ingredients: denatured alcohol, fragrance
  • 3.4 oz
  • France
Lann Ael (The Moor of Angels): intensely sweet and cozy, a warm blend of buckwheat, red apple, milk and vanilla (FRESH)
Ael Mat (Guardian Angel): evoking the untamed wilderness of the sea, aqueous scents of chamomile and heather are bathed in a hint of fresh salt air (FRESH)
Din Dan (Underwood): a refreshing burst of energy is fresh and green with lemon, fresh mint and peach blossoms (FRESH)
L'eau d'Hermine (Ermine): inspired by France's royal heritage traditions in which the ermine is a symbol of nobility and purity. Shimmering with notes of heliotrope and peony, combined with white must with refreshing bergamot and neroli (FLORAL)

Style #:20088001 Crafted in Brittany, France, Lostmarc'h is inspired by the wild, natural beauty found there. Where rugged cliffs meet open ocean and ancient Celtic traditions, magic abounds. Lostmarc'h Eau De Toilette

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