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Final Flourish Heels

DARK BLUE A silky ribbon adds the perfect finishing touch to Miss Albright's fuzzy suede platform pumps. Style #:19166693 Remember the feeling of wonder you'd get when, as a little girl, you'd sneak into the closet of your mother, grandmother or favorite aunt to try on what seemed to be the prettiest shoes you'd ever seen? Miss Albright, purveyor of retro-inspired glamour, wants you to feel that way again. With a nod to the past, Miss Albright crafts the finest leather shoes that are ladylike right down to their blush-hued soles. Handfinished with vintage details such as unmatched insole imprints, loopy bows and crimped ruffles, Miss Albright's shoes are sure to inspire your own daughter, granddaughter or niece to play dress up in your closet. Final Flourish Heels