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Timo and Alan

Two-and-half years ago, Nebraska-born, NYC-raised go-getter Timo Weiland surprised design partner Alan Eckstein by hauling deejay equipment into their Midtown studio. It was spring 2010 and the pair was in the midst of executing their first men’s ready-to-wear line. They were also scraping by financially, fronting all costs for their start-up label, from everyday office supplies to luxury fabrics. The mixers, headphones and whatchamacallit sound gear wasn’t intended to be a daily diversion for Timo and “business brother” Alan so much as it was a way for their line—their dream—to stay afloat. Fast forward a few weeks and the pair proved themselves adroit (if not crazy-ambitious and downright night-owl-y), landing a weekly gig at the Norwood Club in Chelsea, with soon-to-follow stints up and down the East Coast.

Now needing fewer and fewer moonlighting gigs—their eponymous line making its seventh appearance at NYFW last month and carried by likes of Barneys, Takashimaya and boutiques nationwide—the hip twosome remain music junkies at heart, as their just-launched, Anthropologie-exclusive line “Vessel by Timo” illustrates. Celebrating this debut and reflecting on where hard work, good fortune and fine beats have taken him, Alan mixes a five-song autobiography below, and a must-hear Spotify playlist that reflects the essence of Vessel.

Me in five songs by Alan
Vessel by Timo Vessel by Timo shop the collection VESSEL playlist on Spotify the playlist that fueled VESSEL now on Spotify All dresses fancy dresses? (us, too.) shop them all
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