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  1. / Mar 23 2015
    My new favorite!
    I can't say enough positve things about this blouse! You can dress this up with some trendy slacks or go with jeans for a more casual look. The description indicated that the material is sheer but it isn't and feels very much like silk. The photo up close to the material is an accurate depiction. I'm a size four and ordered the medium which fits perfectly. I wore this buttoned up with dress slacks & had numerous compliments.
  2. / Mar 13 2015
    It's everything & more
    The previous reviews on this kimono sold me on buying it. I'm so happy I did. It's just as fabulous as everyone says it is. It does run large but I like it that way. I usually buy a medium or large so the M/L Kimono is super roomy but not to the point where I'd want to go smaller either. Every time I wear it I get compliments on it. My only advice is watch out when you use the bathroom and don't wear it when cooking- those sleeves will try to get in the way with both!
  3. / Jan 12 2015
    Absolutely gorgeous and awesome Kimono!!! Gorgeous pattern!! I am 5'2, 106 lbs, with a slender/athletic build and I originally ordered in XS/SM size...it was slightly long in the sleeves & covered my hands, so I exchanged it for a XSP/SMP and it was PERFECT!!! The cut and the way it looks on is beautiful and classy!!! My only issue with it was from the quality standpoint of the fabric...while the fabric is a beautiful pattern and material, the garment itself was stringy (had lots of tiny silk strings lose and sticking out of it)....I had to go thru and cut each tiny string off.
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  1. / Jul 31 2014
    beautiful top, works for petites
    I'm 5' tall, 32DD,usually size 4 in tops/blouses, but sometimes I have to size up to fit my bust. I tried this top in size 4 and 6. The 4 fit perfectly in the shoulders, and close but not tight in the bust. The shape from the chest down was more straight than flared. The 6 had plenty of room in the bust, but was too large in the shoulders and neck and had a fuller, flared shape. I ended up keeping the 4 even though I would have preferred a bit more room; the 6 felt good but looked too big. The embroidery and sequins on this top are beautiful, and the length works well for me, hitting just below the top of my jeans. It looks dressy, but can be dressed down with jeans and a cardi or jean jacket. This is a good choice if you're petite because it's not too cropped. I have not tried on the skirt, but I've seen it and the two pieces make a lovely set.
  2. / Jul 11 2014
    Beautiful, Updated - yet forever classic!
    I purchased this top and have been wearing it for about a month. I LOVE it! I would love to get the skirt that matches it, but I could only afford half of the ensemble at the time and thought that the top would integrate into my existing wardrobe better. I have been wearing it over a black/white stripe Kate Spade Saturday sheath dress at outdoor weddings/cocktails and with high waisted dark denim for a more casual look. Very versatile as it can dress up or down. Fun to pattern play with! I am 5"3, 117 lbs and 34b. I purchased a size 2 and am happy with its fit. I plan on purchasing the skirt in a 0P or 2P. I find it to be true to american size standards. I finally just washed it on extra delicate cycle, inside out and hung to dry. Came out just fine and I did not find ONE sequin in the wash. I have yet to find any sequins to come off of mine. SOOOOOOO worth it if you are considering! Sure crop tops will come and go (and come again), but I do not feel like this top screams crop top/trendy. This truly is one of those special and beautiful pieces that will never go out of style and you will wear it for many years to come!
  3. / Jul 29 2014
    I love everything about this top, the color especially. The detail work is stunning. I suggest sizing up if you want a loose crop top fit like I did. I am usually an XS/S (0-2), but ended up buying a size 6 in this!
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  1. / Jan 24 2015
    Love this! Hoping it has more colors!
    This shirt is so soft, comfortable and stylish. It has become my favorite now! Hopes it comes with more colors and I cannot have enough of this!
  2. / Nov 17 2014
    Flannel Obsessed
    This flannel top is a beautiful rich saturated blue. It is also very, very soft. The length is slightly long so it's a perfect proportion to wear with leggings. I prefer to contrast it with leather leggings.
  3. / Nov 29 2014
    Sooooooooo soft!
    This flannel is extra soft and really comfy to wear. It is a bit long, so looks great with leggings or jeans. I love the raw edge detail. I am 5'3" and weigh 105 pounds and purchased the xs.
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  1. / Mar 09 2015
    Very Cool Shirt - but runs Small
    This is very cool and unique ombre button down, with cute details on the pocket and the shading is very nice. The quality is nice too, soft and comfy. However, this shirt runs small, or narrow compared to other Holding Horses branded shirts or Anthro branded type shirts. I ended up ordering a size 10 from the store to avoid the over priced shipping that Anthro charges as the size 8 in the store was too snug. The aales lady had told me these shirts are running small. I would say the size 10 is still a bit nug in the chest area but better than the size 8. I think of the size 10 as a slim cut size 8. I am 34 DD chest, 140 pounds, with thin arms, curvy slim figure and 5 feet 4 inches in height. The length ends at the top of my hips. I love the shirt because it is unique and for the sale price it was worth the splurge.
  2. / Mar 02 2015
    Super soft!
    I'm not usually one for ombre, but this denim caught my eye on the "last chance" rack in store. It was a size small, which is usually my size. It fit well in the body (bust size B36) but very tight in the sleeves, especially at the shoulders & elbows. I'm a very slim 5'9", with narrow shoulders and no bulk in the arms. The sleeve length was good for my extra-long Dutch-girl arms, and the length of the shirt was good for my average-length-but-bordering-on-short torso. The shirt was close-fitting which makes me think that a medium would still fit well, unless the sizes jump dramatically. I might still take a chance on it & order the medium online.
  3. / Mar 09 2015
    Gorgeous design. Runs small.
    I've been eyeing this shirt online for months. As soon as it went on sale I snapped up a size 6p (I'm 5"2", 34B, 120lbs). I love the ombre look. Shirt is well made and the fabric is super soft. Only con is that the upper arms and shoulders are super tight. There's no elastic or give in the fabric so if you try to raise your arms above your head or give yourself a hug it's pretty tight and the back of the shirt rises up so you have to pull it down again. I prefer my shirts a little looser for comfort. I might swap it for a larger size.
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  1. / Mar 20 2015
    I tried this blouse in both colors in size S. I'm petite, usually size 4 or SP, 32DD. The S in the pink fit me perfectly. I also found the cuffs to be a bit small, but because I'm petite they hang lower on me, so I did not find them to be tight on my arms. The neckline was a bit low, but not so much that I needed a cami (although one would be pretty with it), and I did not find it to be sheer when worn with a nude bra. I love the fabric! It's silk, but stretchy, and has a subtle texture to it. The length was about the same on me as on the model, and I'm very short, so it will be more cropped if you're taller. The fit is loose and flowy but not oversized. It's beautiful on its own, but not too bulky to be layered under a jacket or sweater. I found the tie-dye print to be more pronounced IRL than in the photo. The green blouse I tried was huge. The neckline dipped well below my bustline, and the sleeves were big and loose. I think it must have been marked with the wrong size, because I exchanged for another one in S and it fit like the pink one. I'm still trying to decide which color to keep. The pink is soft and pretty for spring, but the green is unique and a more flattering color on me. I would definitely recommend this blouse, but you may want to size up if you're tall or have broad shoulders. It's definitely cut for a more petite body shape.
  2. / Feb 18 2015
    A Very pretty blouse with a few "issues"
    This blouse really is gorgeous, and it is a light, silk crepe, so it is perfect for those upcoming hot months. The material is slightly sheer, but the pattern on it mitigates this, so there is no need to wear it with a cami to cover your bra (although you might want to wear it with a cami for other reasons - see below). The pink version has really pretty darker pink and bluish grey color variations in it, and the "frayed" ruffles on this are very whimsical and in no way look unkempt. The buttons at the sleeves and at the base of the V-neck are a very cool geometric design (the ones at the base of the V-neck are purely ornamental/non-functioning, BTW). ------ I normally wear a M or a L in Anthro tops, and, because I am very broad shouldered when it comes to pullover-styled tops (like this one) I typically wear the higher size in my range (so in this case, the Large). Honestly though, in this particular top I didn't see or feel a difference between the M and L. The L was slightly longer, so I went with that one, but in shoulder girth there was zero difference; a little odd. ------ The "issues" with this top are as follows: ------ 1. It comes as a wrinkly mess. Not a "huge" deal in the long run, but you will need to steam it - and often - to keep it looking presentable. ------ 2. The V-neck dip on this is DEEP. REALLY deep. I am not well-endowed, so a plunging bra with spacing between "the girls" will suffice for me. You can "adjust" the top, pulling it up in the front, and further back on your backside (letting the material "dip" on your back) but this is just a temporary fix that will require continual readjustments throughout the day. Bottom line: if you are well-endowed you will need to either 1.) wear a cami or 2.) be prepared to put on a Mardi Gras worthy "show" of "the ladies." ------ 3. The sleeve cuffs on this - when buttoned - are tight and constrictive. It is quite noticeable. You'll need to be OK with wearing them unbuttoned, or be prepared to do a lot of adjusting and tugging. ------ Overall, if you can get past its designs issues, it really is a well made and pretty blouse. At the sale price point I think it is a worthy buy.
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  1. / Feb 27 2015
    nice casual sweater
    This is not a PJ sweater as the other reviewer indicated. It is lined with a polyester/acetate lining and is flannel. The colours are slightly more subdued than photographed. Please note that a Large is an Australian/ UK 12, which is a US size 8. This is what is indicated on the label. Although I would normally take a US 10 or 12, the Large fit because it is a pullover, but the arms are a little snug. I did not find that the fit across the neck was gaping. I think that might be because of the way it fits across my shoulders. Chest size also likely makes a difference. I do not think that you need to wear a shirt underneath this. It looks really good with a pair of jeans. This can be worn in office on a casual day or any day if your office is less formal. Nevertheless, the colours and the quality make it more formal than a typical casual day shirt. I think this is a keeper.
  2. / Dec 01 2014
    Cute - but Hold Out for a Sale
    This is a very cute pullover- the colors in the plaid, and the curved front hem are nice details - but essentially, it's a slightly stiffened flannel pajama top, and should be priced accordingly. Three things to note - it does not fit closely in the lower front (good for any tummy concealment), even though it appears slightly cropped in length. Second, and more importantly - there is a reason why it is shown with a collared shirt underneath - the neckline fits flat in the back, but gapes oddly in the front horizontally, unless you fill it out with a collared garment or some other layer. Finally - I found the back, shoulders and sleeves fit TTS, but very closely - even unzipped, I have to roll this top up from the back hem, and inside out, to get it off. It's a little too informal for my professional workplace, but good for casual wear.
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  1. / Nov 25 2014
    Better than expected!
    I have the white top by this designer, and this one also runs tts. I am 5'2" and 117 lbs., 34A, and the XS was perfect. The blouse is all cotton and very well made. I have already washed in cold and hung to dry. It requires minimal ironing, if any. One thing to note: color is listed as dark orange, but, to my delight, it is really more of a dark clay color, much more red than orange. A great color for a lot of skin tones, where orange is hard to wear sometimes. I am blonde, blue eyed, and fair, and this color looks fine. The feel of the fabric is wonderfully soft, and I wear a cami for modesty.
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