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  1. / Jun 23 2015
    BUY ME!
    Surprised by the lack of reviews on this great piece - it arrived today and I can already tell it will quickly become a wardrobe favorite for me. The material is very soft and comfortable, and the drape is very flattering, whether you wear it tied or untied. The layered fabric in the back gives it a little extra style, and I really like the way it lengthens the back. The chiffon-like layer is actually a little more white in person than it shows on my computer, and I really like that little bit of contrast. This is truly one of the most flattering pieces I have purchased. The sleeve length is long, which is great for me as I have longer arms. The sleeves seem to be meant to be worn pushed up, like the model is wearing them. They feel as if they would hold their shape even after being pushed up. I am 5' 8" and have a long torso, and this piece hits me in all the right places. Typically I am a size 10 - 14, depending on how things are cut, and the L fits perfectly. Super flattering, super comfy, super versatile piece - highly recommend!
  2. / May 27 2015
    Great fit and soft feel
    I enjoy a great lightweight summer sweater for those air-co moments. The surprise to this sweater is that the back is lightly lined; this will help the sweater keep its shape over time. It's casual chic and wears well with shorts,pants and pencil skirts.
  3. / May 04 2015
    Gorgeous and comfy!
    This was a total impulse purchase. It picked it up while in the check out line. Fabric is incredibly soft on the skin and the style is really cute. No regrets!! Perfect warm weather sweater.
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  1. / Jun 25 2015
    Absolutely LOVE this!
    Just got this today and I LOVE it! Admittedly, it is a bit pricey for a "sweatshirt," but I still can't help but love it. To call it a "sweatshirt" though, is misleading. It really is more like a t-shirt, not even really a thick t-shirt, just more like a substantial tee rather than the paper thin tees that seem to be the trend these days. It is so soft too, like a favorite well-worn tee -- which this promises to be! If you can catch a discount code to lessen the sticker price, more power to you. But, I fear this will sell out before it goes on sale. I love it so much and find it unique enough to be worth the price.
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