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  1. / Dec 30 2014
    on the fence
    The fit of this sweater is very flattering and I like the kind of deconstructed look it has. I ordered the grey color and I think the online picture is accurate... very very light grey. I wish the sleeves were about an inch longer. With my arms at my sides, they hit just right but when I extend my arms out, they come up short, which kinda drives me nuts. I don't like having just a hint of my wrist exposed. It is also made of wool, so it's not exactly soft. I also kinda wish it didn't have a hood... I feel like the hood makes this sweater look reeeeally casual. I was hoping to wear it to work, but I don't think I will. I'm still kind of on the fence about whether or not to return this... again, the fit is very flattering. Maybe if it were discounted another $20 I'd be firm on keeping it, but I think I might rather have my money back at the current price point.
  2. / Dec 27 2014
    instant hourglass
    The deep rust orange color of this jacket drew me in, but the designed hooked me. There are vertical lines running down the front of this jacket starting at the top of the shoulders, and curving inward toward the center following the line of the lapel, down to the waist tie, and then the lines run straight down to slightly flared out below the waist tie, creating an instant illusion of an hourglass figure. Also, the hood starts slightly in the front of the jacket at the shoulders making the shoulders appear broader (and thus the waist even more slender). All of these design features together make this jacket a clear winner. Quality excellent. Tuck a pretty infinity scarf into this one and go! I found it TTS. (5'2", 32C), and I took an XXSP.
  3. / Jan 12 2015
    This jacket is so warm, but not bulky very comfortable.
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  1. / Jan 08 2015
    Perfect coat for everyday wear
    I absolutely love this sweater coat. It fits very well and I found that it fit exactly as I thought it would. This piece is excellent for a windy day. I put it on over a sweater and jeans/leggings, and I am warm without the stiffness or bulk of a large coat. I have the moss color and it is beautiful. It looks better in person than online and complements most colors. This coat is one of my wardrobe staples!
  2. / Oct 10 2014
    really nice
    I just bought the moss green (nice color) and have worn it once. here are my thoughts re: other reviewer's comments: it is cut somewhat small and def. pulls on the snaps in the chest area. I am 127 lbs. & a 34B,normally a medium, pretty flat chested, but due to this issue I bought a large, which works well. Also, if you are wearing heavier clothing or layering underneath, the arms are somewhat snug and the extra room is helpful.as far as how it lays, it will never look like the 1st photo unless you work hard at posing & arranging just so. i think the model's hands in the pockets are pushing it out to shape it.It does lay more flat, but there is body and shape to it. I think it is well made but do agree the snap closures don't seem to be sewn on very sturdily. All in all, I'm very happy, think it's a flattering cut, and would highly recommend, assuming you get the right size for you! If you love funnel collars as I do, def. consider.
  3. / Nov 05 2014
    I love this coat
    I bought this coat in the ivory color in S and XS, and I kept the XS. I am 5'3", 115lbs, and I would say the coat runs a bit wide through the middle. I could have kept the S, but the extra fabric made it look sloppy, more like a robe or housecoat. I was unsure at first and almost gave this back, since it seemed a little unflattering and shapeless. I'm so glad I kept it. I love love love this coat. It has proven very practical - you can wear the collar down or snapped up in a funnel neck for colder weather, and I wear it indoors as a layering piece or outdoors when it's chilly, with a scarf or without. Because it is boiled wool, it is very forgiving and seems to stretch to fit my shape. I almost never buy at full price, and I didn't really need another light jacket, but this sweater coat has been worthwhile. I have worn it every single day since I received it.
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  1. / Jan 13 2015
    I adore this sweater!!
    Since I bought this sweater 3 weeks ago I have barely taken it off! It's exactly how I want to look right now. It's gorgeous. It's so beautiful that a friend was admiring it, we were in the bathroom at a meeting and we took out our phones and ordered one for her right there on the spot! It's a bit more difficult to wear than I thought it would be. It doesn't work as something you can just throw on top of any outfit. I found it works best with neutrals. Also the sleeves are tighter than they should be which prohibits wearing it with things I'd like to wear it with. I bought the extra small because I am smallish, and wanted to minimize all that bulk as much as I could. but because of that the sleeves were much tighter than I would have liked ideally. But in time they have stretched and I can even get them over my elbows now which is something I just have to do. I didn't find it itchy at all. I adore it!! Get it, you won't regret it!
  2. / Jan 23 2015
    buy it while you can
    Love it. It's very wearable. Warm, but not like wearing a coat. I couldn't believe the compliments. At least six women commented on how much they liked it in one afternoon. I also like the two-tone which adds a little extra touch. Buy it while you can.
  3. / Jan 23 2015
    Design very beautiful, arms snug
    I echo all the other comments about sweater being lovely, warm, distinctive design in back and surprisingly warm for a lace design, BUT. Arms can be an issue. I do expect some stretch in arms over time, but not a lot. Thinner under layer would be perfect otherwise you'd sweat to death in this sweater. It's extremely well made and while orig price was high, I see why as someone who crochets. I ordered normal size m and found sleeve length to be great, as my arms are long, so nearly normal for me. My arms are NOT particularly thin, but I understand the other comments. While the sweater is more A line, that works well for pears and balanced it out, instead of accentuating. I'm pear shaped and don't like things that draw eye there. If very petite you should size down. I took one star off for arm construction being an issue for some. I'm really pleased with my purchase.
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  1. / Nov 22 2014
    I just today received this stunning sweater and am so pleased with its design, fit and quality! It hangs exactly as pictured on the model and it is soft and warm. I ordered this in the neutral, size Large. I was a wee bit concerned that the Large might be too big as I tend to run in between a medium and large in Anthropologie offerings. Given my preference for layering however, this sweater affords a roomy enough fit without appearing over sized or too large! I was also extremely happy to find that the sweater looks fabulous whether hanging open OR buttoned up at the collar. Both looks are lovely and I adore the Sherpa collar. This sweater is MADE to look good with hats and I intend to get a lot of mileage out of wearing it with my wide array of hats and scarves!
  2. / Jan 13 2015
    Love this Cardigan
    This Cardigan is one of the best Anthro purchases I made lately. It runs a tiny bit large and is really Soft, Not scratchy at all and feels great. I get many compliments from people when I wear it and is warm enough to wear by itself with no Coat over it. As mentioned in other Reviews yes it fuzzes and pills some but that is because of the Yack Wool and I can overlook that easily. I love this Cardigan and wear it often and fits nicely and looks great.
  3. / Jan 01 2015
    Soft and cuddly
    Waited and watched for this cardigan to come down in price and a little disappointed in myself for waiting to purchase! Oh my it is so soft, every bit of it. Nice & warm and the rose color is quite pretty. I didn't realize how lengthy it is and happy to know I can also wear this cardigan with leggings! So cute and really darling on. Got many compliments from the hubby too so you can never go wrong with that! Great buy and addition to my wardrobe.
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  1. / Dec 20 2014
    comfortable and versatile
    I happened to notice this top during the sweater sale and picked it up in two colors, the dark orange and the green. I'm petite and usually wear size 4 or S, but got this in XSP. It's quite oversized; I could have easily worn XXSP. I was skeptical about the length - I'm not fond of tunics, but it's shorter than it appears on the photos, hitting at low hip. The sleeves are also shorter, hitting just below the elbow. Had I not sized down, it probably would have fit more like the model. The 'dark orange' is not as red as it appears in the photo, but it's not orange either - more of a brick red or reddish brown. Still, I like the color. The fabric is lightweight bur warm. It drapes well and can be easily layered or belted. It's a great sweater to wear when you want to be comfortable but still look stylish. I really like it and would buy more colors if they were available in my size. I did find the fabric a bit itchy, probably due to the wool, and I wish it had full-length sleeves. Other than that, it's great.
  2. / Jan 24 2015
    Love this
    I have the Ivory in Small and I love love love this top. It covers the hips, lays so nicely down your body, and is super soft. It's exactly what I wanted and I love the slits on the sides for some extra leg showing. Its so pretty and I get a ton of compliments.
  3. / Jan 12 2015
    I love how soft this cowl neck is, and it comes in so many great colors. It's a wonderful layering piece, and with the right accessories, you can dress it up or use it for lounge wear. I feel like I have been living in this so far this winter. Definitely size down, but it has a nice oversized fit and high low style. Be aware of the seam down the front and back, some people don't like those, but I think it's cool!
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  1. / Jan 04 2015
    Overall beautiful sweater
    I had this sweater in M/L my basket. I didn't act quick enough and it was gone. I was so disappointed! I went to Anthro. today to made some returns. I found this sweater and tried it on in the XS/S. I know that sounds ridiculous but I just loved it. It still looked really great! The compromise? It doesn't sit as long and more cropped. Also, the sleeves are a little bit shorter. Other than that, it still looks great! I'm on the cusp of a M/L. I ordered all my other Anthro online items in a Large and they were all way too big. I'm keeping one of them anyway because I am just in love with the product. I'm 5'7" and weigh about 160 lbs. Curvy, but still athletic. Hope this helps as I always look at reviews before ordering. And if this helps any, many of the items I tired on in the Anthro store today ran large. Happy Anthro Shopping!
  2. / Jan 12 2015
    Beautiful cozy sweater
    I don't own any sweaters like this one, and I was hesitant to purchase it, but I'm so thrilled that I did! It is a beautiful sweater, the wool is so soft and is a really great color. I love how it "sits" on me, it drapes but still feels really cozy. There is the unique big pin closure and although it is attached on one end, you can still close the sweater in different ways so producing different looks. I'm about 5'5" and 130 pounds and the XS/S is, I believe a good size. I don't think I would want to go any larger. I rated the sweater as "runs large" only because it isn't fitted, but its such a great style and so wearable!
  3. / Jan 06 2015
    I love the chunky style of this sweater. It is gorgeous in person and has a great hand and small details such as the safety pin closure. It's great for those days where there is a chill in the air but you don't want to wear a coat!
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  1. / Dec 24 2014
    Beautiful - Lightweight
    I usually wear an XS with an occasional S with Anthro. I bought this sweater in a Small based on the fit of the sleeves. I did notice that the sleeve fit was not consistent within the size range, so if you have an opportunity to try several in your size you may find that some are a better fit than others. The Plum color is great with many pieces in my wardrobe and layers well with lightweight or short/sleeveless tops. You will not have much luck layering this with thicker than T-shirt weight tops, so even though it has a winter look, this cardigan is not going to provide substantial warmth. The yarn is lightweight and very delicate but is fragile and will tear easily if you are not careful pulling it on over clothing or jewelry. The multi-colored bottom is beautiful, but warning - if you do not like volume around your hips, you may not love the way it flares at the bottom. The elegant but close fit of the top makes the bottom flare more pronounced as well. In spite of its shortcomings I love this top and wear it often.
  2. / Jan 21 2015
    Gorgeous Sweater
    I got the orange version of this on sale and it's gorgeous. Definitely a worthy purchase!
  3. / Dec 29 2014
    A bit tight in the arms and.....
    MAYBE a bit too flared at the bottom if not sized correctly. I normally wear an xs in most Anthro sweaters, but I took a xsp in this one to reduce the bulk at the bottom. Are the arms a bit tight? Yes, they are, but they do seem to loosen with wearing. I love the plum color and paired it with the fall colors at the bottom of the sweater. It looks great, and I highly recommend this sweater.
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