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  1. / Feb 06 2015
    Sooooo soft, LOVE!
    i almost always take a Large in Anthro jackets and sweaters due to broad shoulders and long arms but the Medium fits me perfectly. It is great as long as I do not plan to layer over a bulky top due to the arm width. I can wear over long sleeves as long as they are lightweight. If you have an athletic build the sleeves might be a bit narrow but probably fine. The fabric is great quality and the knit arm fabric stretches very little but are not overly tight. Every fabric including the fringe used in this cardigan is soft and comfortable. When the wood stove insert is on in the living room I wear it in the family room as it is just like throwing a super soft blanket on. By the time I purchased it, frigid winter weather had set in and I have not worn it outside but it should be versatile going with a variety of outfits. I bought the green which is true to the color on my monitor and I had been looking for a cardigan in this color for months. It is almost a cross between a cardigan and fleece jacket. I highly recommend, especially if you have sensitive skin like me...I cannot have any wool content fabric touching my skin and this is softer than a regular cardigan. I am 5'8" and the length of the medium is perfect.
  2. / Feb 16 2015
    Super soft and comfortable, like wearing a blanket. I end up wearing this jacket a lot around the house. It's a bit bulky to wear out under a winter coat but can imagine I'll get a lot of wear out of it in the Fall.
  3. / Jan 19 2015
    A MUST HAVE!!!
    This sweater caught my eye in store and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I ordered it online. I would have definitely paid full price but was thrilled to see it went on sale! I loved it so much I ended up purchasing in two colors. It is so comfy and is a staple item that goes with anything. I have the green and cream and they are both gorgeous. I wasn't a huge fan of the gray stripes, otherwise I would have bought that one too! THis was true to size, and perhaps just a touch roomy. I ordered my usual size small. I am 5'4" 140 lbs with broad shoulders. The regular size fit me but if you are any shorter that 5'4" I would probably get the petite size.
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  1. / Dec 26 2014
    Stunning beauty!!
    I'd been eyeing this sweater online for a while, but the cream, which I really wanted, bounced out of stock many times and shipping is so expensive, I didn't place an order. Based on the catalog shot (of the blue variation), I wasn't sure this would be a good look on my figure, as I'm curvier on the bottom than on the top and it looks sort of short on that model, despite the description stating a length of 30". I took a trip to the store a week ago and saw a lone size S in the blue on the rack, and decided to try on, despite my usual size being M (I'm a solid 6/8 on top). It's perfect! Long, flattering, and just lovely. Plenty of room, M would definitely be too big. The blue color is a deep shade of sea blue and really brings out my eyes against my dark hair and fair skin. The knit is substantial, warm, and extremely cozy, yet the sweater drapes perfectly and has great movement. I love the cables and the button detail at the sides. Great touches. Happy with the blue! Might even watch for other colors if this ever reaches sale, though I doubt it will since it's so perfect.
  2. / Feb 22 2015
    Heartbreak for me but perfect for most
    This sweater is gorgeous. I have tried it on as many as 5 times in different stores and at different times since the Fall. I WANT it to work for me so badly, but for me what keeps me from buying it is: it's a LOT of sweater. It's perfect in every other way, but it's a lot of sweater for my small height and size. I tried XSP, XXSP and XS, depending upon what was available at the time. If they kept the same general shape but removed 6 inches from each side, and maybe 2 inches or so in length, this would have been mine. I'm 5'2" and thin: 32-24-32, and even the XXSP made me look like I was a sweater with some legs poking out the bottom and a head. This said, this sweater is going to work for almost everyone else. So I recommend it enthusiastically to all of you, and perhaps a little jealously. ;)
  3. / Nov 18 2014
    Sooo cute and cozy!
    I wouldn't have recognized this sweater from the picture, or even looked at it twice, because I don't think it's particularly flattering on the model, but when I saw it in the store in Petite sizing in the gray, I fell in love. The gray emphasizes the gorgeous cabling and it's sooo soft. It looks better a bit more fitted through the body so I'd say size down. I'm 5'1" and have a 32 DD chest and the PXS had plenty of room, even for a long sleeved tee underneath. I would have like to try the PXXS for comparison but they didn't have one and it may have emphasized the girls too much. It's a bit longer on me than on the model which I like with skinnies and the curved hem is flattering and lengthens the leg. I was irritated with myself for missing the sweater sale so I passed on this on Friday but couldn't get it out of my head so I snatched it up on Saturday. So glad I did. Love, love, LOVE!
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  1. / Jan 13 2015
    I adore this sweater!!
    Since I bought this sweater 3 weeks ago I have barely taken it off! It's exactly how I want to look right now. It's gorgeous. It's so beautiful that a friend was admiring it, we were in the bathroom at a meeting and we took out our phones and ordered one for her right there on the spot! It's a bit more difficult to wear than I thought it would be. It doesn't work as something you can just throw on top of any outfit. I found it works best with neutrals. Also the sleeves are tighter than they should be which prohibits wearing it with things I'd like to wear it with. I bought the extra small because I am smallish, and wanted to minimize all that bulk as much as I could. but because of that the sleeves were much tighter than I would have liked ideally. But in time they have stretched and I can even get them over my elbows now which is something I just have to do. I didn't find it itchy at all. I adore it!! Get it, you won't regret it!
  2. / Jan 15 2015
    Simply a luxurious sweater coat
    In addition to the other reviews previously posted, I must add that the length on this sweater is unbelievably flattering. I have more hips than I'd like, so I rarely choose anything with a flounce or ruffles on the hem, but this has a nice A-line swing to it that takes 20 lbs off my figure. 70% lambswool and 30% nylon assure that it will wear like iron, while offering warmth AND ventilation (who knew you could get those two qualities in the same sweater?) Quality of materials, workmanship, design, and a basic oatmeal color make this a sweater that I know that I will enjoy for many years. An absolute steal when on sale. A definite "Buy".
  3. / Jan 23 2015
    buy it while you can
    Love it. It's very wearable. Warm, but not like wearing a coat. I couldn't believe the compliments. At least six women commented on how much they liked it in one afternoon. I also like the two-tone which adds a little extra touch. Buy it while you can.
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  1. / Dec 24 2014
    Beautiful - Lightweight
    I usually wear an XS with an occasional S with Anthro. I bought this sweater in a Small based on the fit of the sleeves. I did notice that the sleeve fit was not consistent within the size range, so if you have an opportunity to try several in your size you may find that some are a better fit than others. The Plum color is great with many pieces in my wardrobe and layers well with lightweight or short/sleeveless tops. You will not have much luck layering this with thicker than T-shirt weight tops, so even though it has a winter look, this cardigan is not going to provide substantial warmth. The yarn is lightweight and very delicate but is fragile and will tear easily if you are not careful pulling it on over clothing or jewelry. The multi-colored bottom is beautiful, but warning - if you do not like volume around your hips, you may not love the way it flares at the bottom. The elegant but close fit of the top makes the bottom flare more pronounced as well. In spite of its shortcomings I love this top and wear it often.
  2. / Jan 21 2015
    Gorgeous Sweater
    I got the orange version of this on sale and it's gorgeous. Definitely a worthy purchase!
  3. / Dec 29 2014
    A bit tight in the arms and.....
    MAYBE a bit too flared at the bottom if not sized correctly. I normally wear an xs in most Anthro sweaters, but I took a xsp in this one to reduce the bulk at the bottom. Are the arms a bit tight? Yes, they are, but they do seem to loosen with wearing. I love the plum color and paired it with the fall colors at the bottom of the sweater. It looks great, and I highly recommend this sweater.
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  1. / Sep 17 2014
    Love it in orange!
    I tried this on in the white and the orange recently in the store. I went with the orange. The top is a thin sweater material, and will be great for fall. Something that can be dressed up or down. I LOVE THE POCKETS!! Both the orange and the white were a bit sheer, the white more so. So, you'll need to wear a nude bra or a cami underneath. This is a great top that allows you to pair it with a statement necklace. I adore it! Runs true to size. If you're boxy up top, I imagine this could emphasize that. I'm curvy on top (36C/D), but go in at the waist and have narrow hips, so this worked well for me. I purchased in a medium.
  2. / Nov 21 2014
    great basic top
    I am a stocky petite with broad shoulders and a 38b chest. I tried on the regular size Large, which fit true to size (I normally wear a size medium in Anthropologie regular sizes). The "peplum skirt" hit right at the hip, so I didn't think I would need to order this in Petite Large #especially after reading one review about how short it is#. As the sleeves are 3/4 length, I won't have to deal with too-long sleeves. I can see pairing this top with jeans or a skirt; black is so versatile and the clean simple lines of this top will go with a lot of items in my closet.
  3. / Sep 30 2014
    Great, lightweight sweater
    I bought the sweater in the black and the red in size small. Like other reviews mentioned, the white and orange colors are a little on the see through side. Not so with the black and red. The red is more of a wine color- it's gorgeous in person! It's pretty true to the color in the photograph. I can't wait to wear these, and I love the pockets.
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  1. / Feb 13 2015
    Weekend Uniform
    Someone really thought about this sweater when they made it! It's got great lines and those extra details you love in Anthro's clothes. It's warm so you don't necessarily want to bulk it up with a thick sweater underneath--and you can't, as other reviewers have mentioned the arms aren't bulky enough to allow for a thick sweater. The slim arm keeps the sweater looking nice proportionally and I am an average weight person, the arms aren't tight. I keep my house pretty cold in the winter and I have loved having this sweater to come home to. It's great for wearing around town with skinny jeans. I know it's called a "jacket" and I do use it as a light jacket when it's 30+ degrees outside, but I mostly just love it as a casual sweater for curling up with a book and tea. I get so many compliments on it.
  2. / Jan 21 2015
    Adorable sweater coat!
    After reading the reviews and hearing about the "tiny" sleeves in this sweater, I was fearful that it wouldn't work. But, it was on sale and I decided to give it a whirl. I ordered my normal size (Medium) and the sleeves are perfect! I have another sweater coat I got from Anthro about three years ago and I get compliments left and right on it. I'm sure it will be the same with this one and I look forward to enjoying wearing it for many years to come!
  3. / Oct 12 2014
    Ignore the hanger appeal, try on!
    This is one of those pieces that looks not that great on a hanger, but when you try it on, transforms. Got great shape and a great swing in the back. Awesome casual piece that makes you feel cool but not like you're trying too hard. The pictures online don't do this item justice. Try this one. Looks great open with a tee underneath.
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  1. / Feb 17 2015
    Quirky and unique
    This cardi is so unique and cozy. I bought this in a size SP. I'm 5'2", 120lbs, 34B. I'm very happy with the fit. I think the sleeve length is long for petite sizing, about an inch past my wrist which I like #not too short#. The front length of the cardi looks like the model. I would have preferred that the back was longer #it's about an inch shorter than the pic on the model#, but it's still looks ok. I got a little bit of a shock when I opened the package because I was expecting a light grey cardi. I think the color looks more like a brownish grey because of the mix of grey brown yarn and a lot darker than on screen. The embroidery color is also very vibrant, almost neon as others have mentioned, it adds a bit of color to a dreary winter. If you're after a cozy, folksy, unique looking cardi this is definitely worth trying, especially at sale price.
  2. / Jan 27 2015
    beautiful embroidery
    I bought this sweater in a size XL and the fit matches the photos of the model. I think it's true to size compared to other XL sweaters by this brand. The embroidery on the one I received is perfect. The knit is soft too. I was worried this length might not work on my pear-shape but I think it's flattering since the fringe doesn't hit at the widest part of my hips. With the sleeves down, this sweater is a more tailored fringe style. My other sweaters with fringe tend to look more casual. The main difference from the photos is the bright peach thread in some of the flowers. On my laptop, the coloring looks more of a coral. But, in person it's very bright--almost neon. For my coloring, it doesn't look good mixed with the main grey shade so I'll return mine. I do recommend it if you like this mix of colors since it's made to last.
  3. / Feb 21 2015
    Love the embroidery and unique look
    This is a cute and unique piece. I'm a sucker for embroidery and love the design on this one. I'm not generally a fan of fringe, but it's just in the front and gives the sweater character without looking too bohemian. It's TTS to large, so you can probably size down. Material is soft and not itchy at all. I love the length as well. My only complaint is the front just hangs down straight. I wish it had some waist definition. All this said, it's so pretty and unique that it was a must buy for me.
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