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  1. / Jan 19 2015
    A MUST HAVE!!!
    This sweater caught my eye in store and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I ordered it online. I would have definitely paid full price but was thrilled to see it went on sale! I loved it so much I ended up purchasing in two colors. It is so comfy and is a staple item that goes with anything. I have the green and cream and they are both gorgeous. I wasn't a huge fan of the gray stripes, otherwise I would have bought that one too! THis was true to size, and perhaps just a touch roomy. I ordered my usual size small. I am 5'4" 140 lbs with broad shoulders. The regular size fit me but if you are any shorter that 5'4" I would probably get the petite size.
  2. / Jan 17 2015
    Comfy chic
    I'm not one of those people who buys an item in every color, but I have to admit I went back and purchased this cardigan in the gray color after receiving the green one. It's as comfortable as my favorite old hoodie, yet it looks like I put effort into my outfit for the day. ;) I am typically a size 2 at Anthro and between an XS and a S. I think the XS would have fit me well, but I ordered the S because I like my sweaters to be a bit oversized. I am able to wear a long-sleeve knit or thin sweater underneath it and feel very comfortable. Order this one… you won't regret it!
  3. / Dec 30 2014
    Get one NOW!
    I ordered this in both the green and neutral colors and am considering ordering the black and white as well. SO SO SO soft. Wearing this feels like heaven. And the length of the sleeves also totally won me over. I love sleeves that run a little long... just like the picture shows. Such a cozy and soft cardigan. I'm very pleased with the purchase and you can't beat the sale price for the quality here. The only complaint I would make is that it is partly made of rayon, which can make washing it a bit iffy... tag recommends hand wash or dry clean. Other than that, this sweater is perfect.
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  1. / Dec 13 2014
    Wonderfully unique
    I saw this cardi in the sale section at my local Antho. Wow! The knit looks amazing from the back. The only size left was a reg small in the natural color. I'm 5'2" 120Ibs. I think it runs a little small. The sleeve length was perfect although the actual sleeves were skin tight on me. It'll be ok with a cami underneath but I could fit anything with long sleeves under. The length on me was the same as the model; back just covered my behind; front was the same as the model pics. The think the grey pic was most accurate for me. I didn't have a lot of extra material to cover my front and recreate that flowy drapy look. Instead the front draped more to the sides #like the model in grey#. I don't have a big bust #34B#. It still looks ok. I would have preferred more knit at the front, but the rest of the cardi was stunning that I could overlook that.
  2. / Dec 16 2014
    Sleep sweater
    I bought this to go with the lilac garden loungers to well, lounge around the house. I wear this with a white tank and I absolutely love it! They are perfect together. The sweater is warm and very, very pretty, especially from the back. I have the lilac color which is the color of a peony to me. Very nice.
  3. / Nov 12 2014
    Beautiful Cardigan...
    ...but not quite what I expected. Based on the neutral colored photos, I expected the wool to be a bit stiffer. The open front drapes a little awkwardly on me - the grey photos are a better representation of how the cardigan actually falls on the body (mine at least). Based on the previous reviews, I wasn't sure about sizing; I am 5'8. 140lbs, 36D and I purchased a size medium. I am happy with the fit for the most part, but I do feel like the arms are a little short (afterward, I noticed both models push their sleeves up); still, I have rather long arms, so this might not be a problem for others. The positives: it is such a beautiful knitted sweater, and the fringe detailing is stunning. i also really like the neutral color - it allows the pattern in the back to really get noticed. Also, it's very comfortable, and I don't find it itchy at all. If you can get it on sale, I would recommend.
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  1. / Jan 13 2015
    I adore this sweater!!
    Since I bought this sweater 3 weeks ago I have barely taken it off! It's exactly how I want to look right now. It's gorgeous. It's so beautiful that a friend was admiring it, we were in the bathroom at a meeting and we took out our phones and ordered one for her right there on the spot! It's a bit more difficult to wear than I thought it would be. It doesn't work as something you can just throw on top of any outfit. I found it works best with neutrals. Also the sleeves are tighter than they should be which prohibits wearing it with things I'd like to wear it with. I bought the extra small because I am smallish, and wanted to minimize all that bulk as much as I could. but because of that the sleeves were much tighter than I would have liked ideally. But in time they have stretched and I can even get them over my elbows now which is something I just have to do. I didn't find it itchy at all. I adore it!! Get it, you won't regret it!
  2. / Jan 11 2015
    Absolutely gorgeous
    I wasn't going to buy anything else, I was done my Boxing Day shopping, then I saw this online. The wonderful staff at the Edmonton store shipped it to me and I cannot say how beautiful this is! My mom does both crochetting and kniting and she commented on the quality of this gorgeous sweater. It is a lovely thick knit, the back is stunning and it is surprisingly warm! Throw in the sale price with the additional 25% off, and I am glad I purchased this one 'last' wise - the salesperson suggested a small (I am a 6/8) and it fits perfectly. Very happy with this purchase (as usual), it s a beautiful, high quality sweater I will wear for years and at the sale price, it is a bargin!
  3. / Jan 15 2015
    Simply a luxurious sweater coat
    In addition to the other reviews previously posted, I must add that the length on this sweater is unbelievably flattering. I have more hips than I'd like, so I rarely choose anything with a flounce or ruffles on the hem, but this has a nice A-line swing to it that takes 20 lbs off my figure. 70% lambswool and 30% nylon assure that it will wear like iron, while offering warmth AND ventilation (who knew you could get those two qualities in the same sweater?) Quality of materials, workmanship, design, and a basic oatmeal color make this a sweater that I know that I will enjoy for many years. An absolute steal when on sale. A definite "Buy".
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  1. / Jan 04 2015
    Overall beautiful sweater
    I had this sweater in M/L my basket. I didn't act quick enough and it was gone. I was so disappointed! I went to Anthro. today to made some returns. I found this sweater and tried it on in the XS/S. I know that sounds ridiculous but I just loved it. It still looked really great! The compromise? It doesn't sit as long and more cropped. Also, the sleeves are a little bit shorter. Other than that, it still looks great! I'm on the cusp of a M/L. I ordered all my other Anthro online items in a Large and they were all way too big. I'm keeping one of them anyway because I am just in love with the product. I'm 5'7" and weigh about 160 lbs. Curvy, but still athletic. Hope this helps as I always look at reviews before ordering. And if this helps any, many of the items I tired on in the Anthro store today ran large. Happy Anthro Shopping!
  2. / Jan 12 2015
    Beautiful cozy sweater
    I don't own any sweaters like this one, and I was hesitant to purchase it, but I'm so thrilled that I did! It is a beautiful sweater, the wool is so soft and is a really great color. I love how it "sits" on me, it drapes but still feels really cozy. There is the unique big pin closure and although it is attached on one end, you can still close the sweater in different ways so producing different looks. I'm about 5'5" and 130 pounds and the XS/S is, I believe a good size. I don't think I would want to go any larger. I rated the sweater as "runs large" only because it isn't fitted, but its such a great style and so wearable!
  3. / Jan 06 2015
    I love the chunky style of this sweater. It is gorgeous in person and has a great hand and small details such as the safety pin closure. It's great for those days where there is a chill in the air but you don't want to wear a coat!
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  1. / Dec 24 2014
    Beautiful - Lightweight
    I usually wear an XS with an occasional S with Anthro. I bought this sweater in a Small based on the fit of the sleeves. I did notice that the sleeve fit was not consistent within the size range, so if you have an opportunity to try several in your size you may find that some are a better fit than others. The Plum color is great with many pieces in my wardrobe and layers well with lightweight or short/sleeveless tops. You will not have much luck layering this with thicker than T-shirt weight tops, so even though it has a winter look, this cardigan is not going to provide substantial warmth. The yarn is lightweight and very delicate but is fragile and will tear easily if you are not careful pulling it on over clothing or jewelry. The multi-colored bottom is beautiful, but warning - if you do not like volume around your hips, you may not love the way it flares at the bottom. The elegant but close fit of the top makes the bottom flare more pronounced as well. In spite of its shortcomings I love this top and wear it often.
  2. / Dec 29 2014
    A bit tight in the arms and.....
    MAYBE a bit too flared at the bottom if not sized correctly. I normally wear an xs in most Anthro sweaters, but I took a xsp in this one to reduce the bulk at the bottom. Are the arms a bit tight? Yes, they are, but they do seem to loosen with wearing. I love the plum color and paired it with the fall colors at the bottom of the sweater. It looks great, and I highly recommend this sweater.
  3. / Dec 26 2014
    Add this cardigan to your collection!
    I love the flow of this cardigan! It is so elegant!
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  1. / Dec 15 2014
    Pretty, Lightweight Sweater
    Like the other reviewers, I bought this sweater in Navy. The color combination is just so beautiful. I saw the grey in store and didn't realize it was the same sweater at first because the detail is so subdued. It fits a little on the smaller size, so if you're in between sizes like I am, order your larger size if you want something not too form fitting. It is light but has a little cashmere in it so it's not too light and it's very comfortable. This will be a great date night / party sweater, looks great paired with black jeans or a skirt and statement earrings.
  2. / Dec 06 2014
    My new favorite sweater :)
    I purchased this sweater in the navy blue/rose gold combination and it's a beautiful sweater. Like the other reviewers noted, the gray/silver combination doesn't have much contrast so it's difficult to see the foil print. It's a striking sweater, so prepare to receive a lot of compliments on it. :) There's lots of ways to style it, so I'm pretty happy with my purchase. Material: It's a soft, textured waffle knit. Fit: I'm 5' 6" and purchased the size small. I found the sweater to be TTS and a nice length, it hit above the hip on me.
  3. / Dec 09 2014
    Light, Eye popping detail
    I bought this sweater in the navy instead of the grey because of the pattern. On the grey the pattern gets washed out into the background. Alternatively the navy and the bronze foil just pops! My eye was really drawn to the colour combination. The material is light but comfortable. I love the little detail of the button on the back with its clear and bronze detail. I'm a little worried about the washing of it though, don't know if the bronze foil will get damaged.
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  1. / Nov 08 2014
    I just got it!
    I went to my local Anthro store and bought this today, for I saw the 20% off sweater ad online. This is perfect for San Antonio fall days! The knit is soft and luxurious feeling, and isn't itchy. The scarf is long but wraps up easily around the neck and shoulders, and hangs beautifully. You can dress this up or down, but chances are I will be wearing it with jeans. A great outdoor walking sweater. I got this in replace of the tartan plaid coat, which is lovely but just makes me look like a kid wearing a blanket, so I returned that this morning and snatched this instead. An aside: since I was by myself this morning shopping, I tried on several cardigans, and was given very helpful advice from the staff at the local store. Great job ladies!
  2. / Jan 14 2015
    Love this sweater/wrap
    Could not believe this was in the 40% off sale items. Had seen it when it was full price and loved it. So happy to get it reduced!!! It is so cute and unusual at the same time. Will definitely be wearing this a lot.
  3. / Nov 27 2014
    Madly in love with this sweater! I kept staring at it online trying to figure it out and then decided to go ahead and order it and just see for myself just how it was made. It is so unique, so lush, so yummy, the pom-poms have little metallic subtle threads going through them....the sweater itself is cozy beyond words and the scarf, before wrapping it, drapes all the way to the ground so there is so much to play with and creativity. I also love that it is short sleeved so it gives you the opportunity to wear it more times than not. I have so many gorgeous sweaters in my closet and this is a top five. can't wait to wear it
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