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  1. / Dec 29 2014
    Bought a pair for myself and 2 as gifts. These are heavy duty. I love them!
  2. / Apr 09 2014
    exactly right!
    these are exactly what I was hoping they would be. These have the rough tarnished finish that makes them like an authentic one of kind artifact. i bought the gold pair and im really pleased with this purchase. I feel that the price is exceptional as well. these are a solid metal and I'm certain I these will last for 20+ years.
  3. / Oct 31 2013
    I got both pair!
    I had to have these scissors. They look vintage. The black ones are a little awkward because they are so big but the gold ones are perfect. Great scissors that will be around for a long time!
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  1. / Jan 30 2015
    Cute desk accessory
    I've been eyeing this in store for quite a while so when it went on sale I had to get it. Good weight and love the simpleness of it.
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  1. / Apr 18 2015
    not a pencil holder
    to be honest, i had no idea this was a pencil holder - they were on display at the store near the jewelry boxes, but without anything in them to show you what they were for- so, i decided to use it the way you see in the pic....and, i think i like my interpretation better. instagram @annedaigler
  2. / Oct 27 2014
    True to picture
    I had been wanting some gold geometric accents for my room and luckily I came across this. I bought it at my local store and it works great. Lovely design and seems like good quality. Consistent price with the way most things are priced at anthropologie
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  1. / Dec 17 2014
    Pretty sure that's a greyhound, though
    My mother inherited a couple of 19th Century Straffordshire greyhounds a few years ago, and the artwork is spot on (pun intended)! In fact, you can find antique Straffordshire dog figurine inkwells that look just like this- right down to the cobalt blue base they're sitting on. The fact that it's a stapler is hilarious. I would love to say, "I love the modern twist on such a well-loved antique design" but really, I was just excited to send my dad and brother a picture with the caption "Mom is getting a greyhound stapler for Christmas". She is going to love it. Full disclosure: I have no clue how it functions as a stapler.
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