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  1. / Nov 07 2013
    My FAVORITE Tank!
    I have had this tank for probably three years and it has held up and been my favorite undershirt. I wear it at least every other day. It sucks you in without pinching you and can be reversed depending on your neckline. I LOVE the length on this one (for some reason the grey is longer than other colors) as I have a somewhat long torso and this can be worn with my leggings and cover me up. It is just now starting to lose some elasticity so I am buying some new ones to replace the tried and true one. Can not recommend enough! Have never found tank like this anywhere else.
  2. / Jun 21 2013
    Favorite tank!
    This is, by far, my favorite tank top I own. I wear it at least once a week (especially in the summer), so it gets lots of wear & wash, yet it is still in such great condition! And that is after 6 months of wear. It's perfect for everyday wear, as well as for going for a jog and doing yoga. The fabric is super soft and just clingy enough to stay in place without being uncomfortable. Also, while the neckline is reversible, I prefer the V-neck style and almost always wear it that way. I would definitely like to buy more of these in different colors!
  3. / Jul 08 2013
    I'm writing a review because I don't ever want Anthro to stop selling this tank. I love the width of the straps, how the top stays in place and doesn't move around, and the fact that It hides my bra. The form-fitting design is flawless. The fabric is soft and comfortable and lies flat so any shirt I choose to wear over doesn't show seams or bumps. I hope it will continually be available in basic colors so I can purchase again if I need to.
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  1. / Jan 05 2015
    I have been fed up with cheap, scratchy tank tops that would develop mysterious holes in them within a month of wear, so I looked to Anthro for good staple pieces. I bought this and it did not disappoint! The material is soft but substantial. The length is also long, which is how I prefer my tops. I would have never considered paying this much for a tank top but if you are looking to invest in your wardrobe, this top is a great place to start.
  2. / Oct 31 2014
    must have !!!
    so comfortable and stylish. it's good to wear in house and going out !
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