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  1. / Jul 01 2011
    Perfect tank in every way. Most tanks are too low, requiring one to wear a tank under a tank for coverage. These tanks fully cover, yet the v-neck makes them still cute and stylish. The fabric is great, not too thick, not too thin. So many tanks are too thin too but these are not. I love this tank, have bought 4, would have bought more had colors not gotten sold out, and will buy many more if anthro continues to carry them. I don't care about the reverse factor, since the v-neck is more stylish anyway. The only flaw for me personally is they are quite long for my petite frame (5'4, 105 pounds) so they tend to roll up around my center if not tucked in. However, I can see how this length would be a plus for most since fully covers the dreaded muffin top and/or underwear exposure. These should be a staple in everyone's closet and I would have an entire drawer full if I could to wear under everything. I really hope anthro continues to carry them since the other eloise cami tank fit me horribly.
  2. / Dec 23 2014
    Perfect layering tank!
    I'm 5'6" 114lb and usually an XS, but the S in this tank is plenty tight/fitted. The longer length is great and the weight is nice for colder weather under lighter tops. I love it, but my only complaint is it rides up and I have to keep pulling at the hem to keep it around my hips instead of my ribs!
  3. / Dec 20 2012
    Awesome staple (But don't machine dry it!)
    I've amassed several of these tanks/camis over the past year and still love them to bits. Some may complain about the price, but keep in mind IT'S REVERSIBLE, so technically you're getting two for the price of one. And if $12 still seems steep, allow me to explain that these camis quickly become a staple item to your wardrobe—I wear one at least once, if not twice a week, and year-round at that. They fit like a second skin and are perfect for layering under flowy tops that need a little help in not catching on belts or waistbands. I always get mine in the M (5'3", 135, 34D). NOTE: these are fine to be machine washed, but we always caution customers to LINE DRY them. Otherwise they can pill, and wear down faster. If they do pill a little, it's easy enough to fix with a "lint razor," but even then BE CAREFUL because the material gives/forms to whatever it's on and can snag in the lint razor (meaning it's not like lint-shaving a wool skirt). I lost one cami that way.
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  1. / Jan 05 2015
    I have been fed up with cheap, scratchy tank tops that would develop mysterious holes in them within a month of wear, so I looked to Anthro for good staple pieces. I bought this and it did not disappoint! The material is soft but substantial. The length is also long, which is how I prefer my tops. I would have never considered paying this much for a tank top but if you are looking to invest in your wardrobe, this top is a great place to start.
  2. / Oct 31 2014
    must have !!!
    so comfortable and stylish. it's good to wear in house and going out !
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  1. / Jan 02 2015
    This exquisite little tank comes in the perfect color to wear under other clothes when you want a little more support along your midline (belly). You could also wear it as a camisole, peaking out underneath deep V-neck tops or sweaters. The straps are a perfect, too - they don't bind like some spaghetti tend to do, and they don't slide down like other band straps. This tank is a perfect addition to your intimates, and I'll plan to wear it at least three seasons of the year!
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  1. / Mar 17 2015
    I tried this tank top on in the San Francisco store. I am size 10/large, 36DD. This was fitted but very comfortable. The only thing that held me back was the price tag, I have been thinking about it ever since because it was SO comfortable but it was definitely expensive for a tank top. If it makes it to the sales I will snap up a few of these.
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