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  1. / Dec 09 2014
    High Quality, but awkward profile
    Just got these in the mail. They are very well made and just like other reviews they do run big. I sized down from my usual 10 to a 9.5 and that was perfect. From the top and front view I really like them, but the side view is the reason I will be returning. They make my already big feet look even bigger. If you have size 8 or smaller feet I think these would be fine, but for me these just look odd. The profile is a little different and you can see that in the photos. The opening to the shoe is larger than I expected and right around the ankles to the top of my arch it looks awkward. I have walked around my house for more than a half hour in these to test the support and comfort. I would rate it as average for boots, nothing mind-blowing in that regard. Even though these didn't work out for me I believe they are beautiful, high quality and I will keep my eye on this brand in the future.
  2. / Dec 14 2014
    I'm in love
    From the second I opened the box I knew I was in love. Wow, these boots are so beautiful. The styling, the leather, the shape of the heel - LOVE! My only complaint was that after a day of wearing, (like another reviewed said) the ball of my foot was aching. Not a lot of padding in the soles so I went out and got some $8 gel insoles and now they are beyond comfortable.
  3. / Oct 11 2014
    Not for me
    These boots are constructed very well-the leather is of good quality and I feel they are true to size. I generally wear a size 6 which worked well in these, though I would say if your feet are on the wide side or you like wearing thicker socks, you could maybe go up half a size. With that said, these boots just weren't for me. I was hoping that the upper width of the boot would be more adjustable due to the zipper and the laces, but even with the laces tightened They were very large on my ankle/calf area (even with jeans tucked in) and they appeared incredibly bulky overall. My calves and ankles are scrawny so that may have some to do with it and I am petite so granted these aren't supposed to be a "sleek boot," they just looked silly on me. I think they are well made and I think they could really work dependent upon ones build (I think these would work great on someone tall) and personal aesthetic.
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  1. / Jan 18 2015
    Pretty and TTS
    Sometimes I get nervous ordering Klub Nico shoes, I find that they can run large or small! But these fit TTS. And they're so pretty! They are silver like described, and they look more silver than the images I think.
  2. / Sep 03 2014
    Unique find
    The design of the shoe is gorgeous and they are very comfortable too.. Color is as shown. Leather is very soft. I didn't find that they ran large, but if are between sizes I think it's better to round down. I don't recommend a whole shoe size down though. I was disappointed with the quality of the shoe, however, especially for the price. Since the heel of the shoe is separated by the gold lining, individual pieces of leather were cut and glued for each of the 4 parts. Well, all the pieces aren't cut perfectly, some are a tad too small, some a tad too long. I expected better quality from a shoe this price. I would definitely wait until they have another 20% off sale or they go on clearance, otherwise, I don't think they're worth it.
  3. / Jan 30 2014
    Well made; run large
    I am a true 9 1/2 and since these don't come in half sizes, I ordered a 9 and a 10. The 10 is huge and even the 9 seems slightly big, but I think an 8 would be too small so will probably keep the 9. They are extremely comfortable and very well made. Definitely worth the price! I got them to go with a dress from BHLDN to wear at my rehearsal dinner and will bring them on my honeymoon to Hawaii as they will go with several of my dresses! Can't wait to wear these shoes!
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  1. / Sep 05 2014
    Beautiful Shoe
    I was in love with this shoe right out of the box. Per the Anthro Personal Stylist review, I ordered my normal size 6. The fit was fine in one foot, but almost too snug in the other. I imagine that over time it would stretch so I am not sure if I would order half a size up, but likely would if I were to keep them. Given the fit, I had these buckled on the second to last hole, so half a size up with a tighter fit around the ankle might have been perfect. Again, just my personal experience, others may experience a different fit. Unfortunately, I am returning these as the soles were a bit slick while walking on tile and I could see myself taking a mighty spill in these 4" heels. They were fine on carpet, but unfortunately, or fortunately as it were, the world is not carpeted so back they go. If you can navigate in these, I highly recommend these, the black and white print (though almost looks dark brown in certain light) with the copper accent leather is truly gorgeous.
  2. / Sep 15 2014
    Darling and Unexpectedly Flattering
    I bought the "black and white" version. As another reviewer noted, they are actually dark brown and off white, with bronze metallic straps and accents. The whole effect is a neutral shoe that will go with anything. The color palette is really darling and just eye catching. They are just special. I'm typically a size 5.5 ish with narrow feet and high arches. The size 6 fit wonderfully. What really grabbed me was how comfortable they were given the heel height. I don't normally wear heels often because I have such a hard time walking in them and being comfortable. The issue is small feet--high heels on smaller sizes create a much sharper foot angle from heel to toe. So a size 10 foot in a 4 inch heel is pretty moderate, while the same heel height on a 5.5 foot is crazy high (think tippy, tippy toes high). Most shoes don't adjust for this difference when sizing (though some brands do). However, given this and the fact that I rarely wear heels, I was able to go dancing for 8 hours before feeling like, ok maybe I should change into flats (not like it was killing me, but just that it was time to change). And no sore foot beds the next day (which happens). They don't feel very stable on at first, sort of slippery on the ground, but once you start wearing them, they are are stable, really well put together, and comfortable.
  3. / Sep 06 2014
    Neutral with personality
    These are classy shoes in neutral tones (despite being called black and white, they really are, as they appear in the photo, more of a very dark brown), so they could presumably go with many outfits, yet they have so much more personality than a typical neutral shoe. They make your legs look great, and the heel offers a lot of support while still being feminine. I've only worn them in the house so can't vouch for their all-day comfort. I normally wear a 9 1/2, and these fit true to size.
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  1. / Nov 11 2014
    I have been on the hunt for the perfect bootie. I was surprised that I liked these so much because I am tall and don't wear heels often, infact I often shy away from buying shoes with heels altogether. But these -- these are perfection. I honestly forget they have a heel they are so comfortable. Like another reviewer mentioned they have squishy insoles, which I think really helps. I also LOVE the little slit detail in the front (I think it's kind of hard to see in the picture), but I think it makes them really unique.
  2. / Oct 25 2014
    Gorgeous booties perfect for autumn
    I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of booties for this fall, and I found it here at Anthro. These leather Seychelles booties are KILLER. I took a chance and ordered both the black and the cognac colors, and I'm in love with them both. They are SO comfortable -- the foot bed is padded, and the heel is high enough to look fashionable but not so high that it's painful to walk in. I did experience some rubbing at the ankle, but it was just a matter of breaking in the boots. I highly recommend these booties!!
  3. / Sep 14 2014
    Cognac Beauties
    I was looking for a bright pair of cognac booties for the fall and winter and I was blown away at the leather and overall quality of these! The heel is a little higher than I originally wanted but I kind of dig the height after wearing them a bit. I always wear thin socks with boots and had no problems with rubbing at the toe box or up top. I have wide feet, so these gems were a lucky find for me! Also, they have a rubber bottom, which makes them great for going out for dinner or drinks. My fiance loves these on me ;)
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  1. / Jan 07 2015
    Runs a half size large but beautiful
    With the 25% discount on the sale I thought these were excellent.value. I read the first review which said they ran a size large. I am a size 9 (EUR 39) in a shoe, so I ordered the size 8, as per that initial review. I thought the 8 might sell out before the 9 and gambled. I have a very narrow foot. The size 8 are very snug but I wouldn't say uncomfortable and walking around my bedroom, I honestly feel like they will give a bit in time. The upper is leather, the sole is synthetic. I would say they run a half size, not a full size, large. I had a pair of shoes like this before which kept slipping off my heel and driving me mad. I am happy to keep this style in a size 8 because I want these a bit snug to have confidence they won't slip off my heel. If you're a generous size 9 or if you have a wide foot or a definite roomier preference, just order the 9. There is an elastic grip at the heel which should eliminate any problems. They are excellent quality and I plan to wear them with a tan pencil skirt, anything black or just jeans.
  2. / Jan 10 2015
    Super Cute!
    These shoes are so much fun! I don't usually wear animal prints, but wanted to add a pair to my wardrobe for when I'm feeling sassy. I agree that the sale price + 25% makes these an incredible deal. I normally wear a 7.5 but ordered a 7 based on the above recommendation and it worked for me. I really appreciate the extra cushion and overall seems very well made. Can't wait to wear them.
  3. / Jan 16 2015
    Maybe runs 1/2 size big?
    These are super cute! Look great in person, but they just looked ridiculous on my feet for some reason. I have a weird relationship with pointy toes on me for some reason still. They were a tad loose, so if you're in between, maybe size down? Or get the normal size if you plan on standing for awhile. They are quite comfy, too.
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  1. / Jan 10 2015
    great addition to boot wardrobe
    I love these OTK boots! I have been looking for a pair for a while but I have very skinny calves and most boots are too wide for my chicken legs anyway. OTK boots will sag terribly if you have thin legs. THESE however are great. They curve in on the ankles and give a really nice silhouette rather than slouch or bag out. The black ones have a sueded look to them but they are not true suede. The leather is nice and soft but they are not the best leather I've had...but they are also not that expensive to begin with so it is to be expected. They are very comfortable for wearing all day long which is nice because they do have some heel to them. I bought my regular size 8 and am very happy with them. I would not be able to wear a really thick sock so if you want to do that...size ½ up. I am able to wear a thinner sock ... (it does not have to be tights thin but just not thick) with them and tuck my skinnies with no problem. I would actually like to be the grey or taupe color but those are sold out now. I am surprised I have not gotten really any complements on them but I think it is because I have only worn them with black leggings and skinnies making them not stand out much. But with that said, I love them. I am 5'6" and weigh 117 size 0-2 and wear a size 8 in shoes/boots 99% of the time for reference.
  2. / Jan 03 2015
    Beautiful boots, wonderful leather, a steal!
    I have been looking for a pair of over the knee boots and come across these boots (on clearance, at that!) and decided to spring for them in the gray, size 7.5 (which is my usual size). I had read the other reviews on here which said to go up a size but decided to go with my usual size. I would say to definitely go UP a size. When I got them in the mail, I figured, for the sake of style and the beauty of the pair, I could suffer a bit. However, I ultimately decided to return them for the next size up. The associate was extra wonderful and found them in size 8 for me and they should ship out in the next day or two. Highly recommended boot but, as the other reviewers have noted, go up a 1/2 size from your usual size
  3. / Oct 31 2014
    Order a half size up
    I believe the reviewer before me should have ordered a half size up. I have a high arch and lean towards a slightly wider foot, and these fit like a charm. Then again, I did order a half size up so that I could wear thick socks with these boots in the winter. I am normally a size 7 but ordered a 7.5. My calves are fairly small and I had some room in the shaft to wear thick socks and jeans tucked into it. With that being said, I would order a half size up. The leather is beautiful, very soft and a curious mix of suede and full grain leather. The boot itself is comfortable to wear and goes with any look. The pictures show you exactly what you are buying. This is well worth the purchase.
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  1. / Jan 11 2015
    LOTS of compliments
    I am always getting compliments on these. They are comfy and they go with so many outfits. Love them!
  2. / Dec 14 2014
    Awesome boots
    These boots are great. I especially like that they're not knee-high. I'm 5'5" and the height of the boots is perfect for me. I will actually look for more boots at this height because I think it's actually a little more flattering than knee-high. These boots are comfortable and cute. Solid purchase.
  3. / Nov 20 2014
    LOVE these boots!
    I'm 5'3" and have large calves. It's difficult to find boots that fit well. These hit right under the largest part of my calves. You wouldn't be able to wear your jeans tucked in if you have larger calves. I hope this helps someone. I took a change. I'm glad I did. Oh and they do look exactly like the picture.
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