Seychelles Alegria Smoking Loafers
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Seychelles Elevate Heels
Seychelles Elevate Heels
$79.95 ($120.00)
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Seychelles Karhu Beaded Slippers
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Seychelles Rule of Thumb D'Orsays
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Seychelles Witty T-Straps
Seychelles Witty T-Straps
$69.95 ($100.00)
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Seychelles Sculpture Riding Boots
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Scaled Riverboat Boots
Scaled Riverboat Boots
$199.95 ($260.00)
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Pilcro Reverse Pumps
Pilcro Reverse Pumps
$79.95 ($158.00)
Sweetheart Heels
Sweetheart Heels
$79.95 ($128.00)

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Average rating for Shoes
(3.9 / 5)
171 Reviews
  1. / Nov 29 2014
    Goes with everything
    So many compliments when wearing this shoe. I purchased the lighter color and they go with everything from floral joggers to dresses. I ordered my regular size but would size 1/2 down if I had to do over again. Very comfortable for such a high heel. Love the lame' wrapped heal. Nice touch.
  2. / Nov 26 2014
    Love these
    Great pair of booties, so comfy wore them all day and my feet didn't ache. Easy to clean.
  3. / Oct 16 2014
    Greet for wide feet
    I purchased these boots with my birthday discount and when they arrived I immediately tried them on and walked in them for an hour. A couple of positives about this shoe is that the color online is exactly the same as in person. It also has a great heel pitch so your weight lands on the heel not your toes when you walk. Very comfortable. The drawbacks to these shoes include the leather on the heel is really cheap looking and hastily done. Also inside the shoe, the covering is roughly stitched together and chafes the sides of my heel. Like another review said, it runs large. I'm normally a 7 in Seychelles and I can pull off 7.5 in their sandals, but these were slightly too big for me. They feel like 7.5
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  1. / Nov 07 2014
    FIt like a dream
    This wedge is so comfortable, the leather is so soft! I got them in black because I have so much brown and they are so classy looking. Great for fall, winter or summer! Can't wait to wear them out.
  2. / Nov 01 2014
    I ordered 2 pair!
    I could not decide if I should order brown or black so bought both and so happy. These boots are very comfortable and are especially great for transition seasons. So happy with my purchase.
  3. / Jul 16 2014
    Love and ADORE
    I bought these in pink, just because it was a different color for me, and really these are amazing. I just put them on and walked around the house in them, so for the long hall I am not sure how they will do, but they feel fantastic. Great heel height, and comfy. I have WIDE feet, and they are great, maybe even a tad big. The "leather" is not stiff at all, though the zipper at the heel sticks a bit, but maybe with more use it will loosen up.....I am actually going to purchase in brown because that is how great they are.....
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  1. / Jan 10 2015
    great addition to boot wardrobe
    I love these OTK boots! I have been looking for a pair for a while but I have very skinny calves and most boots are too wide for my chicken legs anyway. OTK boots will sag terribly if you have thin legs. THESE however are great. They curve in on the ankles and give a really nice silhouette rather than slouch or bag out. The black ones have a sueded look to them but they are not true suede. The leather is nice and soft but they are not the best leather I've had...but they are also not that expensive to begin with so it is to be expected. They are very comfortable for wearing all day long which is nice because they do have some heel to them. I bought my regular size 8 and am very happy with them. I would not be able to wear a really thick sock so if you want to do that...size ½ up. I am able to wear a thinner sock ... (it does not have to be tights thin but just not thick) with them and tuck my skinnies with no problem. I would actually like to be the grey or taupe color but those are sold out now. I am surprised I have not gotten really any complements on them but I think it is because I have only worn them with black leggings and skinnies making them not stand out much. But with that said, I love them. I am 5'6" and weigh 117 size 0-2 and wear a size 8 in shoes/boots 99% of the time for reference.
  2. / Jan 03 2015
    Beautiful boots, wonderful leather, a steal!
    I have been looking for a pair of over the knee boots and come across these boots (on clearance, at that!) and decided to spring for them in the gray, size 7.5 (which is my usual size). I had read the other reviews on here which said to go up a size but decided to go with my usual size. I would say to definitely go UP a size. When I got them in the mail, I figured, for the sake of style and the beauty of the pair, I could suffer a bit. However, I ultimately decided to return them for the next size up. The associate was extra wonderful and found them in size 8 for me and they should ship out in the next day or two. Highly recommended boot but, as the other reviewers have noted, go up a 1/2 size from your usual size
  3. / Oct 31 2014
    Order a half size up
    I believe the reviewer before me should have ordered a half size up. I have a high arch and lean towards a slightly wider foot, and these fit like a charm. Then again, I did order a half size up so that I could wear thick socks with these boots in the winter. I am normally a size 7 but ordered a 7.5. My calves are fairly small and I had some room in the shaft to wear thick socks and jeans tucked into it. With that being said, I would order a half size up. The leather is beautiful, very soft and a curious mix of suede and full grain leather. The boot itself is comfortable to wear and goes with any look. The pictures show you exactly what you are buying. This is well worth the purchase.
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  1. / Nov 21 2014
    Great boot. Sooo comfy I wear them all day!
    I love these boots. The leather is so supple and soft and it hugs my feet. I think I read one lackluster review but I'm presuming the woman has cankles cause these fit so snug snad I get tons of compliments. I was actually on here thinking about getting a few more for some friends for Xmas gift. I never heard about Fortress of Inca shoes before this but am considering getting this boot in another color also - maybe black or the metallic silver ones. Anyhow, I love this boot and am thrilled that I found it via Anthropologie!
  2. / Nov 18 2014
    These are amazing
    I don't have great feet, usually shoes fit too slim and they will hurt half way through the day. These boots look slim but somehow they are SO comfortable. I've worn them to festivals and I bring them when I travel because I can walk miles in them. I can never find a pair of shoes that feel so good for so long. Plus they're made beautifully and the leather is gorgeous in person. I seriously receive compliments every time I wear them.
  3. / Nov 11 2014
    I've had these shoes for about 2 years, and I can't say enough how much I LOVE THEM. I have worn them hundreds of times and literally get compliments on them almost every time I wear them. I've even worn them hiking! I have them in tan, and a good friend of mine has them in gray, and she wore hers backpacking through Europe. These shoes are amazing.
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  1. / Nov 01 2014
    Love these Boots
    I wore them for the first time last night and got so many compliments. I wanted the brown but they were out in my size but so happy I ended up with the blue. They are really comfortable and look so great with dark jeans. I love these boots!
  2. / Nov 08 2014
    great buy
    Really good looking booties. Feels comfy. Got the blue ones on sale. Totally worth it! Feels true to size.
  3. / Oct 17 2014
    Comfortable Boot
    I love this boot! Goes with lots and is comfortable to wear. I found it to be true to size.
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  1. / Oct 14 2014
    comfortable but not as pretty as hoped
    These shoes are beautifully made and definitely interesting, and they run true to size. I ordered the black. The heel is not as bright as pictured -- they're burgundy rather than the darkish red they appear online. What makes me hesitate about keeping them is they come up a little higher on the foot than I'd like, and this looks a little frumpy to me. I'm not usually one to call something "frumpy," and I think with black tights they'd be beautiful. But I don't really like them with bare legs. I realize this is entirely subjective -- they're comfortable and interesting, so I suggest giving them a try!
  2. / Sep 11 2014
    Must have!
    First the "gray" is neutral/taupe with a darker tan suede trim. Bought these in both color 3 weeks ago and have wore them many times - they are very very comfortable with padded insole. I'm on my feet a lot for work and not tired by the end of the day. I have slightly narrow feet and purchased my usual size 6 and fits very well #the same as what I wear for Seychelles and Miss Albright#. After a few wear they loosen just a bit but recommend stick with your usual size. Looks great with everything!
  3. / Aug 24 2014
    This is a eautiful shoe that feels well balanced (weight is kept more on your heel rather than thrown to the front) and stable. I love the purple mohogany color on the black shoe. In the pictures it looks rather old ladyish but it certainly doesn't when you put it on. Fit is true to size for 6.5.
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  1. / Nov 07 2014
    I can't tell you how happy I was to find these boot and on sale none the less. I have a very hard time finding boots that are comfortable, fashionable and that fit my muscular calves. These hit every check mark. They are great for anyone who has a calves between 15.5"-16"5 becuase these stretch. I love the look and simplicity,they are super flattering and they are also very easy to get on and off which I was worried about since they don't have a zipper, not an issue at all. They do fit TTS they were snug at first but stretch out pretty quicky. I bought both colors thinking I would only keep one but I like them so much I am keeping both. They are fantastic!
  2. / Nov 28 2014
    Fun winter find.
    Happened to see these on sale and appreciated that they were not a slouch boot, and didn't have a zipper. This is a must buy for ladies who have bigger calf circumferences and appreciate simple lines. I haven't stopped admiring them since they arrived. I wear them with jeans, leggings, tights…Perfect for my San Francisco "winter" weather. I purchased the grey ones. Very comfortable. Would love to see more styles like this on here.
  3. / Nov 16 2014
    Great boots!
    These boots are simple and classic. I have wide calves so it is difficult for me to find boots that fit well, so it was a pleasant surprise to receive these in the mail and they actually fit! They were a bit stiff at first and hurt my heals the first day but after the initial ware-in they felt great! Highly recommended. Especially on SALE! I was so happy to see them for $150 since I had seen them for $240+ at other stores.
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