Schutz Pietra Booties
Schutz Pietra Booties
$149.95 ($240.00)

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  1. / Oct 21 2014
    I wear a 7.5 and ordered a 38. They are perfect. If you normally have difficulty with shoes being tight across the top of your feet, these may be too tight. I would say they are perfect for a normal size foot. And at this price, who could resist??
  2. / May 28 2014
    SO cute but narrow!
    I ordered these online, which is not something I typically do with shoes unless I'm familiar with the brand. But these seemed like they couldn't go wrong, I mean they're sandals...right?? When they arrived I could NOT have been happier with the quality. I ordered the "Orange" color which was more of a salmon/coral top with a cobalt blue thong. They were BEAUTIFUL. Unfortunately they came pretty far up on my foot (I think you'd call that your in-step?) and that part was pretty tight. I couldn't get my foot fully into the sandal and therefore they were too short. I don't have a particularly wide foot, especially on that area of my foot, but these just didn't work at all! And I know they are leather, and would probably stretch, but I didn't want to risk it. I was so sad to send them back! I hope they went to a good home!
  3. / Aug 31 2014
    I am in love with these sandals. I got the pink pom pom ones and they are so so so cute. I am ordering the chartreuse ones as we speak! The only thing that I would say is that half of the pom poms (and by half I mean like a half of each pom pom not the whole individual pom pom) are coming off, but other than that they are wonderful!
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  1. / Oct 30 2014
    I just got these in the mail today & they are gorgeous! They are extremely comfortable, look amazing on, and the colors are beautiful. I would definitely recommend ordering a half a size smaller as they do run a bit big. I ordered down half a size, and the fit was perfect. Definitely worth every penny!
  2. / Oct 28 2014
    Beautiful, but not comfy on my ankles
    This shoe is stunning! I think it is beautifully made. I am so sad that they are hard for me to walk in and somehow uncomfortable in my heel area. Maybe because I am usually in flip flops or low heels? Still deciding whether to keep or not. So beautiful!!
  3. / Oct 24 2014
    These boots are so comfortable I don't want to take them off! The color is slightly darker than the picture- they are more tan/beige. The leather is super soft and they are easy to walk in. I wish I bought the other color before they sold out!
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  1. / Sep 05 2014
    Beautiful Shoe
    I was in love with this shoe right out of the box. Per the Anthro Personal Stylist review, I ordered my normal size 6. The fit was fine in one foot, but almost too snug in the other. I imagine that over time it would stretch so I am not sure if I would order half a size up, but likely would if I were to keep them. Given the fit, I had these buckled on the second to last hole, so half a size up with a tighter fit around the ankle might have been perfect. Again, just my personal experience, others may experience a different fit. Unfortunately, I am returning these as the soles were a bit slick while walking on tile and I could see myself taking a mighty spill in these 4" heels. They were fine on carpet, but unfortunately, or fortunately as it were, the world is not carpeted so back they go. If you can navigate in these, I highly recommend these, the black and white print (though almost looks dark brown in certain light) with the copper accent leather is truly gorgeous.
  2. / Sep 15 2014
    Darling and Unexpectedly Flattering
    I bought the "black and white" version. As another reviewer noted, they are actually dark brown and off white, with bronze metallic straps and accents. The whole effect is a neutral shoe that will go with anything. The color palette is really darling and just eye catching. They are just special. I'm typically a size 5.5 ish with narrow feet and high arches. The size 6 fit wonderfully. What really grabbed me was how comfortable they were given the heel height. I don't normally wear heels often because I have such a hard time walking in them and being comfortable. The issue is small feet--high heels on smaller sizes create a much sharper foot angle from heel to toe. So a size 10 foot in a 4 inch heel is pretty moderate, while the same heel height on a 5.5 foot is crazy high (think tippy, tippy toes high). Most shoes don't adjust for this difference when sizing (though some brands do). However, given this and the fact that I rarely wear heels, I was able to go dancing for 8 hours before feeling like, ok maybe I should change into flats (not like it was killing me, but just that it was time to change). And no sore foot beds the next day (which happens). They don't feel very stable on at first, sort of slippery on the ground, but once you start wearing them, they are are stable, really well put together, and comfortable.
  3. / Sep 06 2014
    Neutral with personality
    These are classy shoes in neutral tones (despite being called black and white, they really are, as they appear in the photo, more of a very dark brown), so they could presumably go with many outfits, yet they have so much more personality than a typical neutral shoe. They make your legs look great, and the heel offers a lot of support while still being feminine. I've only worn them in the house so can't vouch for their all-day comfort. I normally wear a 9 1/2, and these fit true to size.
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  1. / Nov 07 2014
    FIt like a dream
    This wedge is so comfortable, the leather is so soft! I got them in black because I have so much brown and they are so classy looking. Great for fall, winter or summer! Can't wait to wear them out.
  2. / Nov 01 2014
    I ordered 2 pair!
    I could not decide if I should order brown or black so bought both and so happy. These boots are very comfortable and are especially great for transition seasons. So happy with my purchase.
  3. / Jul 16 2014
    Love and ADORE
    I bought these in pink, just because it was a different color for me, and really these are amazing. I just put them on and walked around the house in them, so for the long hall I am not sure how they will do, but they feel fantastic. Great heel height, and comfy. I have WIDE feet, and they are great, maybe even a tad big. The "leather" is not stiff at all, though the zipper at the heel sticks a bit, but maybe with more use it will loosen up.....I am actually going to purchase in brown because that is how great they are.....
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  1. / Nov 03 2014
    L-L-L-L-L O V E
    I purchased these shoes (in wine) to wear to a wedding with the silk wine kimono dress. The moment I put them on, I felt the love bloom. I didn't even need to wear them in (I should mention I had to purchase them in 1/2 size larger than my own). They fit like a perfectly sized glove--no toe scrunching, tightness around the buckle or rubbing on the back--and wore well through many hops, dances, sashay's, and even a short sprint. At the end of the night they still look like new, well done DV and Anthro.
  2. / Aug 19 2014
    and my title describes it all. These shoes gave me such a funky 70s vibe to them that they'd go under cute flared jeans or skirts, so I had been itching to order them. I ordered the wine pair and when I got them, they looked great - the studs are snugly in the shoe, the suede is very nice (FYI, the "wine" is more of a burnt reddish orange, not very maroon or "wine"). The ankle strap is narrow enough to fit over my smaller ankles, and the platform gives a good stability to stand on. HOWEVER... This shoe is SMALL. I am an across the board 8.5 and I couldn't get the ball of my foot into this shoe. I thought maybe I had swollen feet? Nope, my foot just doesn't go into it at all. It may be made for someone with a more narrow foot? So I'm unfortunately taking it back to try a different size (try at least a half size up), and hopefully that'll work because these shoes are darling. Right now, I do recommend them, but that may change once I can try another size.
  3. / Oct 15 2014
    So, so glad they fit.
    After reading the other reviews--I was nervous to order my true size (a 10) since there were no larger options. However, they arrived in perfect condition yesterday--and they FIT!!! My toes barely show through the peep toe. Anyway, super stoked to have something for longer skirts and flared pants, as these make my large feet look cute. I ordered the red and the bronze and I"m keeping both. If you see your size, snap it up.
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  1. / Nov 01 2014
    Bought these boots on sale, worth every penny. I have wide feet and normally wear an 8.5 due to this, but the 8 fit me perfectly. There's even some room left for socks! I wore these out the first nite I got them and was walking for 6+ hours and did not get a single blister. This is a miracle. I love these boots and would highly recommend them. I gave a 4 on quality only because the heel isn't wood and I feel it just kind of cheapens it. Color as appears in photo.
  2. / Nov 07 2014
    Super comfortable
    boot runs a half size larger in my opinion ..I wore thicker socks to fix that. The cut out is lovely and the boot is so comfortable to wear for hours.
  3. / Nov 17 2014
    Almost Perfect and I love them
    As other reviewers raved, these are light, well made, and overall cutest booties which I adore. The only drawback is that the sole is a bit slippery and they make a very audible clicky sound when walking (I notice folks on the street turning back to see who's approaching lol), but this too will be remedied through wear and tear over time. Anywho, two thumbs up!
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  1. / Jul 09 2014
    amazing shoes - JC does it again!
    I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and have several pair, including some lace-up sandals similar to these. I first saw these on a model for a different product on the website, and actually wrote to Anthro trying to find them. When they finally arrived, I ordered them immediately. I was not disappointed. I wear size 5.5 - 6, got the 6 and they fit perfectly. They are actually more comfortable than the lace-up version, and every single strap adjusts to you can customize the fit. Once you have them the way you want them, you just use the zipper to put them on. The heel provides a nice height without being uncomfortable, and the suede is super soft. My only disappointment was that the color is more of a true light gray than the photo - I thought it would be taupe. But it's not a big deal - I still love them. I'd definitely recommend getting them before they're gone!
  2. / Nov 08 2014
    Amazing and Unique Shoes
    I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes, so far all the shoes that I have purchased have had really good arch support, and these are no different. I normally wear a 6 or 6.5, but had to go to a size 7 in these. I absolutely love them!! Living in Texas I plan on wearing them a lot this fall and winter.
  3. / Oct 06 2014
    Better in Person
    I'm not one for clunky heels but these were returned to the store and I tried them on and of course they felt and looked amazing. I got the grey and am seriously considering getting the black also.Looks great with the fringe bottom sweater skirt. I am a true size 9 and got these in 8.5 and they fit perfectly
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