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  1. / Dec 27 2014
    Stylish, comfortable boot
    I saw these boots online and knew I had to order them and see if they were as stylish in person as they appeared online. They are gorgeous! The suede is soo soft and the sole of the boot is very well made with excellent padding for extra comfort. I typically avoid heeled boots or shoes for work, but these boots are so comfortable that I find myself wearing them to work quite often! I will be purchasing the boot in cognac as well. These boots are a must have.
  2. / Aug 29 2014
    How have I already missed out??
    Anthro, these are the perfect boots! I looked for them all through last fall and winter and couldn't find them and then here they were on my favourite website. But I want the cognac and they don't even appear anymore! Are they all gone? Will there be more? I am devastated! How have I missed out already and it's not even fall yet??
  3. / Sep 10 2014
    I second the note above! I had the same reaction to the cognac no longer being on the site. But now I see the gray is back up again so I hope the cognac will be added as well!
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  1. / Nov 13 2014
    Beautiful but painful
    Really lovely pair of boots- they look very similar to the image. If anything differs, it would be the color of the heel.. appears a bit more reddish purple in real life than in the picture would suggest. I usually don't wear shoes with a very tall heel, so perhaps that's partly the reason (could also be because I have wider feet), but these shoes were VERY uncomfortable the first day I wore them. So painful that I was about to try to return them the next day. But I decided to stick it out, and have worn them a few more times since then. While they still are not comfortable by any means, they're bearable... and worth it considering how cute and flattering they are. So if you're used to wearing heels or have narrower feet, then I'd say definitely go for it! But if either of those two statements don't apply to you, then you've been warned :) But I'm still happy with my purchase and hope that with more wear they will become less uncomfortable!
  2. / Oct 14 2014
    Great boot
    The ad is not truthful about heel height. It is a 3 3/4" heel. The fit is snug, so maybe order a size up, especially if you plan on wearing more than a stocking or tights with these boots.
  3. / Oct 22 2014
    Size up
    Beautiful in real life, but I should have listened to the prior review and sized up. My normal 9.5 was a no-go; hoping the size 10s I exchanged for will work.
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  1. / Feb 25 2015
    pictures don't do justice
    Beautiful pair of heels that are unbelievably comfortable. I bought them because I needed more professional shoes and these are beyond satisfying for my first pair of heels :) definitely worth every cent, and is even more worthwhile purchasing with the sale price!
  2. / Jan 02 2015
    Very comfortable and stylish
    Excellent color, very comfortable. Wore them all night on NYE. Hopefully they last a long time b/c I plan on wearing them to every event I can.
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  1. / Feb 01 2015
    Awesome shoe
    I love this shoe. It fit true to size. Very well made and stylish. This shoe can be worn with skirts, dresses, jeans, pants. Very versatile. I love the silver on the shoe compliments the suede color perfectly. Highly recommend this shoe and couldn't beat the price. I love the sole is leather as well.
  2. / Oct 16 2014
    Eye-catching shooties
    I saw these shoes styled with the Goldform Trousers and couldn't get my mind off of them, so when they finally showed up for sale, I jumped on them despite the exorbitant price (I had a birthday discount, but even then, I haven't paid this much for shoes I know I won't wear particularly often in years). They're just so unique...sturdy and aggressive (grommet details and chunky, sculptural heel), yet feminine with the ribbon laces and cutouts. The only minor issue I have with these shoes is that the grommets are silver, and not gold. The picture here depicts gold grommets, but in the picture of the shoes styled with the trousers, they are silver. Sizing seems fairly true - I usually wear size 9 (occasionally a 9.5) and these fit fine in 9. The toe hole of the right shoe rubs a little bit, but I figure the leather will stretch out in time.
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  1. / Jan 25 2015
    cute, vintage style
    I love these boots, even though I returned mine. They were so cute on and had a very vintage look to them. I did not read the description well and was hoping there was a zipper. While the ties at the top of the boots offer plenty of room to get in and out of them, I prefer quick and easy off, especially since I travel a lot.
  2. / Dec 30 2014
    So cute!
    I love these boots but wasn't sure if they would work for me since I am only 5'1". Just received them in the mail and the length is fine but sadly my calves are too chubby. They're a little difficult to put on because there's no zipper but the natural color is really cute ... I only wish I could shrink my calves somehow. I'm able to get my legs in the boots but there's a slit below the ties in the back and they pull open showing my calves peaking through :( They are unfortunately, going back.
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  1. / Feb 27 2015
    Beautiful & Super Comfy!
    These shoes are BEAUTIFUL. They are super comfortable and have a nice, cushion-y lining. The straps are comfortable and the heels feel very stable. I love that they are each unique and the design that wraps around the ankle is slightly different from one shoe to the other. So happy with these!
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  1. / Jan 05 2015
    Beautiful shoes, but not very practical for me
    I am so in love with the look of these shoes. They're very flattering and the neutral colors mean you can pair them with just about anything. The only annoying part about the design was that the ankle strap isn't a standard buckle, it's one of those little brass nobs you fit into a hole in the strap. I was only using the second smallest hole and even then I found it caused the strap to kind of stick out at the sides, which is annoying. Unfortunately I find these very uncomfortable. They're actually not that hard to walk in, but these are very tall and don't have as much support as I'd like. My feet ache after less than 20 minutes. :( I did decide to keep them, they were just so beautiful. But I don't think I'll get as much use out of them as I would have liked.
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